Farmer Al's Picks: Sun-dried Organic Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines and Pluots

Greetings from the Farm!

Thank you for being a part of the Frog Hollow family. We really appreciate your commitment to the environment and your health by making the choice to eat organic.

Over the past weekend, I read an article onGreerToday.comthat highlighted ways to develop new family reunion traditions in order to boost good health. The top recommendation was to skip the fried and fatty foods and ‘serve healthy snacks’ instead. At Frog Hollow Farm, we offer a wide range of 100% organic, sun-dried fruit that is completely free of sulfur — making it the perfect, healthy alternative to the traditional chips-and-dip combo. Our dried fruit maintains the legendary flavor of our fresh fruit and doubles up as a healthy snack, too!

If you haven't tried our dried fruit yet, this would be a good time since we havedried apricots,peaches,nectarinesandpluotsin stock. We also have our populargolden sweet apricotsin their sun-dried avatar and a pack ofassorted dry fruitfor those who crave variety. Our 'Sun-dried Sweetness Set' includes three bags of dried fruit, packed in our handsome, gold-stamped gift box and makes for a great gift.

Make the shift to healthy snacking and serve up our dried organic fruit at your next get-together, which could be coming up as early as the 4th of July.

Organically yours,

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