Sweet Surprises: Heartwarming Food Gifts for a Memorable Valentine's Day

Sweet Surprises: Heartwarming Food Gifts for a Memorable Valentine's Day

What message do you want to send for Valentine's Day? Whether for a spouse, partner or another loved one, carefully selected food expresses multiple sentiments at the same time: You recognize their tastes and interests and aim to give them a singular item or combination to savor.

Unsure about where to start? Get some ideas for food gifts for Valentine's Day from Frog Hollow Farm:

What to Look for in Food Gifts for Valentine's Day?

Like other Valentine's Day gifts, food can seem unoriginal - for example, the stock box of chocolates - or it can pique the recipient's personal tastes or interests - for example, if they're after a culinary experience or love to cook.

When selecting food gifts for Valentine's Day:

  • Look for something with multiple uses - ideally, an ingredient or gift basket they can use over multiple meals.
  • Consider something practical - for example, something they can cook or prepare a meal with.
  • Take into account someone's dietary restrictions - for instance, if they're vegetarian or can't eat gluten.
  • When in doubt, go gourmet while factoring in someone's favorite foods - if they have a sweet tooth or enjoy elevated versions of staples, like cheese or olive oil.

Food Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Send a gift that impresses with one of the following items:

Fresh Fruit Delivery

Fresh fruit seems simple on the surface - it's a box of produce, after all. Yet, it's also a gift that appeals to the foodie - especially when organically grown and picked at the precise time to optimize the flavor. It further presents a wealth of possibilities for the culinary aficionado or experimental cook - from a convenient snack to trying out new desserts and savory possibilities.

Get some ideas from Frog Hollow Farm's seasonal offerings and fruit boxes. For our Organic Fruit Gift Box, you'll select the recipient's favorite variety to have three pounds delivered in our signature black gift box.

Taste Master Box

We begin with fresh organic fruit and pair it with our Farm Kitchen's small-batch gourmet goodies. Impress the recipient with jars of Peach and Nectarine-Plum conserves, our oven-fresh cookies, our sulfur- and sugar-free dried peaches, multiple varieties of nuts and Cranberry Hibiscus Tea from Alta Organic Coffee and Tea Company.

S'mores Kit Box

Evoke nostalgia - especially if you're both camping or outdoor aficionados - with our S'mores Kit. We've included all the essentials in a more elevated form for preparing over a backyard grill or campfire: our kitchen-made marshmallows, artisan chocolate and crunchy whole wheat graham crackers.

Charcuterie, Cheese & Fruit Box

This Valentine's Day gift box speaks to the entertainer or someone who prefers to explore a range of sweet, salty and mellow flavors in one sitting.

This gift set creates the perfect charcuterie board all on its own - or it can supplement the recipient's own ideas. Each combination includes fresh fruit paired with specialty salami and California cheeses from local artisans, plus a selection of conserves, marmalades and handmade crackers.

Gourmet Greetings Gift Basket

Give the foodie who's closest to you an expansive gift of refined flavors to carefully explore.

Our Gourmet Greetings gift basket combines several of the Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen's small-batch treats, including our low-sugar conserves centering around our stone fruits, unsweetened dried fruit highlighting how fruit should taste, several of our oven-fresh cookies incorporating our orchard's flavors, our Hungarian Shortbread and our organic roasted almonds. 

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