Cultivating Healthy Habits: The Role of a Fruit of the Month Club in Establishing Sustainable Eating Patterns

Cultivating Healthy Habits: The Role of a Fruit of the Month Club in Establishing Sustainable Eating Patterns

You tell yourself that you'll start this New Year on a healthier note. So, you sign up for a gym membership, begin monitoring nutritional intake and then think about how you'll get in more fruit.

At Frog Hollow Farm, we can't overstate the benefits of fruit - especially the picked-from-the-trees, organically grown varieties that pack in more nutrients, sideline synthetic pesticides and nourish the soil. While you've picked up apples, bananas and oranges in the past, signing up for a fruit of the month club encourages you to be more adventurous - at least as far as your tastebuds are concerned.

Especially as you make healthy eating a goal for the New Year, enroll in a fruit of the month club for the following reasons:

Accessible Healthy Eating

Grocery shopping? It can wait, you tell yourself. Yet, nights of takeout after takeout or quick to-go meals for lunch and breakfast cause you to veer away from key nutritional milestones. Joining a fruit of the month club streamlines the pathway to healthy eating. Once you receive your box, all you have to do is grab-and-go from the kitchen countertop. At the same time, variety means ample, deliciously juicy nutrition right at your fingertips - from the fiber of pears and apples to vitamin C-packed citrus.

Seasonal Variety

Supermarket shopping means that many Americans don't have a concept of seasonal produce: Everything from oranges to apples to melons and mangos is already there, sourced from someplace across the globe.

Especially with programs like Frog Hollow Farm's monthly fruit box, your arrangement not only changes but reflects what's in season. Rotations add variety to your diet and simultaneously support sustainable farming and healthy eating.


One fewer decision frees up all that mental energy spent planning your grocery list. In terms of what you'll eat - from meals to snacking to let's-try-that dessert or new dish - joining a fruit of the month club:

  • Eliminates having to select individual fruits from the grocery store.
  • Introduces you to new fruit varieties
  • Provides a degree of predictability, at least as far as fruit intake is concerned.
  • Ships quality, ready-to-eat.

No Middleman

Most of us don't think about how fruits arrive at our local supermarket. Oftentimes, what you see gets picked ahead of schedule, resulting in uneven or inconsistent ripening and less-intense flavor.

Fruit of the month clubs streamline this process. In the case of Frog Hollow Farm's program, we pick the fruit right when they're in season and precisely ripe - not prematurely - and ship them to your door within 48 hours. They're either ready to eat or, as with hachiya persimmons, may need a few days to ripen all the way. This approach enhances the flavor, freshness, and nutritional profile of the fruit you receive, making healthy eating a breeze.

Considering a fruit of the month club to get closer to your New Year's goals? Learn more about farm box membership and our seasonal fruit clubs.

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