Crimson Popping Corn

Pure white, nearly hull-less popcorn is small, dense and moist. The perfect contrast to bland commodity popcorn and its cardboard texture. You'll realize you haven't had delicious popcorn after you've tried Rancho Gordo's.

The naturally red kernels are best prepared the traditional way with a pan, a lid and some oil, but you'll get fine results in an air-popper (but with a lower yield of fully popped corn).


  • 1lb bag

About the Producer

Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo began selling heirloom beans at farmers markets after experiencing an epiphany with his first harvest of Rio Zape. He now runs an operation in Napa, California satisfying heirloom bean cravings around the country. A key part of his mission is to preserve the precious bean varieties that are indigenous to the Americas. A Rancho Gordo bean is a creamy indulgence that's delicious and good for you. We just love them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brenda Hill
Crimson Popping Corn

every kernel pops open Brilliant White ! so fresh and delicious.

Andre Henderson

Best ever

Nora Wilkins
Pop corn!


Katherine Lee-Cohen
Best popcorn I've ever had

I didn't know what I was missing until I tried this! The popped kernels are small and flavorful and they hold butter in a beautiful way. Love love love.

Amelia Flanagan

white popcorn, light and airy. A different texture than store bought. Loved it!

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