Love in Every Bite: Gourmet Valentine's Day Gift Boxes for Food Lovers

Love in Every Bite: Gourmet Valentine's Day Gift Boxes for Food Lovers

For the foodie and the sweet tooth, Valentine's Day brings a diverse mountain of flavors to the forefront. You notice boxes of chocolates sold almost everywhere, wines and other alcoholic beverages promising a sugar-tinged finish and couples' dinners with elaborate tasting menus.

Yet, within this scope, Valentine's Day gift boxes and baskets span from unoriginal - those drugstore candies, for example - to a transformative experience for the tastebuds. Whether to impress your date or partner or treat yourself on a holiday frequently centering around desserts and intended-to-impress meals, we've compiled some ideas to make your event extra memorable:

Quality Chocolates

Nothing quite says "Valentine's Day" like a box of chocolates - or a dessert incorporating this ingredient. Yet, cliché can morph into quality - and upend opinions surrounding this holiday staple - with the following Valentine's baskets:

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Truffles

Don't mistake this as your typical box of chocolates. For starters, Frog Hollow Farm's dark chocolate brings intense depth that we pair with our extra virgin olive oil for silkiness and richness. Together, these components result in a creamy texture with concentrated flavor.

Chocolate Haven Box

When you can't have just one, try a bit of everything. This theory works for every box of fruit- and caramel-enhanced chocolates, and we apply it to this curated gourmet Valentine's gift basket. We start with our silky and rich dark chocolate olive oil truffles and pair them with our triple chocolate olive oil brownies, and complete this delectable trio with our pluot chocolate chip cookies infused with pieces of our organic sun-dried fruit.

Not everyone's a chocolate lover. Instead, the proverbial sweet tooth never says no to a slice of cake, cookie or dessert bar. As you brainstorm ideas for Valentine's Day gift boxes and baskets for someone like this, consider the following:

Le Grande Gift Basket

Some use Valentine's Day to make a big, almost performance-like gesture. When you're doing this move with food, our Le Grande Gift Basket projects a similar intention. Make a statement with a combination of mixed ripe fruit, our best-selling conserves, Hungarian shortbread, multiple varieties of our oven-fresh cookies, our organic almonds, and chocolate toffee pistachios from Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products.

Cookielicious Gift Basket

Let us deliver oven-fresh cookies right to your loved one's door. This Valentine's gift basket gives you a tour of our small-batch treats, from our Pluot Chocolate Chip Cookies, Amaretti Cookies and Triple Chocolate Olive Oil Brownies to a tin of our Hungarian Shortbread, available in apricot, plum-blueberry or nectarine-plum.

Epicurean Gift Basket

Partake in savoring small-batch, culinary refinement. Perfect for two to share on Valentine's Day, our Epicurean Gift Basket reminds you that even the simplest foods can be chock full of creativity: Find something new among our sugar- and sulfate-free dried fruits, conserves, Chef Becky's signature farm-fresh granola and pluot chocolate chip cookies.

Fruit for Valentine's Day

Keep your ideas fresh and your Valentine's Day gift distinctive with fruit picked right at the peak of ripeness and shipped to your door. Consider the following:

Fruit & Snack Gift Box

Pair up our fresh seasonal fruits with small-batch snacks from our grab-and-go selection, including our sugar-free dried fruit, granola with toasted honey notes, our roasted almonds, and our unforgettable Pluot Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Mixed Fruit & Cheese Box

Engage the tastebuds through this opposites-attract combination: We pair the crispness and crunchy sweetness of our just-picked apples, pears, apricots, plums and citrus varieties with locally made, Italian-inspired artisan cheeses ranging from smooth and mild to bold and distinctive. 

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