Seasonal Gifts & Holiday Baskets: Your Ultimate Guide to Thoughtful Gifting

Seasonal Gifts & Holiday Baskets: Your Ultimate Guide to Thoughtful Gifting

Holiday Gift Guide: Seasonal Gift Baskets and More Suggestions from Frog Hollow Farm

Each year, you make plans to find gifts for friends, family, and other loved ones, as well as clients at work. Rather than pick out a few generic gifts or send a card, you aim to give everyone something that feels thought-out, useful, and festive.

Find that combination as the season approaches with unique Christmas gift baskets and holiday gift sets from Frog Hollow Farm, with selections appealing to the foodie with refined, discerning tastes, the sweet-tooth in your life who never passes up a scrumptious cookie or cake, and the sustainability-minded individual looking to support organic farms that nurture soil, sequester carbon, and foster biodiversity.

As you put together your list and brainstorm ideas, get started with the following:

How to Shop for Holiday Gifts

To start, gift-giving is an art that simultaneously sends a thoughtful message. At the same time, your efforts are all about balance: You want to consider the individual's tastes, give something that lasts and is meaningful, and, especially for adults, involves a degree of practicality.

Ahead of the season, put together your holiday gift-giving strategy around the following:

  • Start with a list: To whom do you plan to give gifts? Making a clear plan of action starts with understanding all the individuals you'll be purchasing for. As you put together a list of names, think about their general interests, their relationship to you, and the message your gift should impart. Holiday gift baskets for families, for example, often take wider age and taste ranges into account. Holiday gift baskets for clients, on the other hand, speak to your newly forged or long-term relationship - and might include some items to be shared by the rest of the office.
  • Think practical: Don't ask yourself, "What do I get someone who seems to have everything?" Rather, think about your gift as more of a life-enhancer or a way to have an enjoyable experience. This is particularly on point for food-centric holiday gift sets: Expect to enthrall the recipient with the taste or creativity of the item given. It shouldn't be something they can find anywhere else. Or, pair the food with some sort of activity - for example, entertaining or preparing brunch. Toward this direction, consider an activity-centered gift involving multiple people.
  • Think about lifespan: Seek out seasonal gift baskets that have a lifespan beyond a couple of days. This could be providing food that lasts for a few meals, sweets that can be enjoyed over a week's time, or even a gift accompanied by a subscription the recipient can renew.
  • Make it distinctive: As already mentioned, avoid widely purchased, easily found items. Strong impressions - and ultimately the "wow!" factor behind your gift - hinge upon uniqueness and quality This impression starts with presentation and, in the case of food gifts, encompasses taste and preparation. The more gourmet or the more innovative the flavor combination, the greater the likelihood the recipient will remember what you sent.

Gifts for Fruit Lovers - Our Organic Fruit Clubs

Give the gift of great taste. Show your circle what fruit should taste like - incredibly sweet, fresh, and juicy when picked off the trees. Our organic fruit club delivers them right to their door in 48 hours.

Select among the following for a delectable holiday gift:

Gotta Have My Peaches

Give Joy - a sweet and fragrant peach that's ripe enough to drip juice down your chin is one of the joys of summer. We hand pick our peaches right at the peak of ripeness for unparalleled sweetness and a meltingly juicy eating experience.

Monthly Cornucopia

Give the gift of variety. With each monthly delivery, your recipient gets to try an array of seasonally ripened fruit. For the winter months, we feature, melt-in-your-mouth pears, crisp apples, and an amazing array of bright and flavorful citrus grown with love in the California sunshine and. Select from small and large boxes sent once per month over a period of three or six months.

Gotta Have My Cherries

We know you can't have just one - and your recipient will likely feel the same way. One of the most celebrated fruits of the year, give them an incredibly sweet, easy-to-snack favorite that delivers a boost of antioxidants with every serving.

Gotta Have My Apricots

From their rich honeyed flavor to their golden-orange hue and succulent texture, our apricots are a long-time and highly coveted favorite that everyone deserves to try at least once.

Frog Hollow Favorites

Introduce your recipient to f Frog Hollow Farm's legendary organic fruit which are tree-ripened to perfection and harvested by hand. . They'll taste what a difference our organic, regenerative farming practices makest - with seven shipments of apricots, plums, pluots, peaches, nectarines, and pears.

Our Best-Selling Gifts

See what our customers turn to time and time again. Especially for holiday sweets gift baskets, we showcase the Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen's small-batch flavors, including our conserves and our fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies incorporating our fruits:

Fruit and Snack Box

Certain tastes just pair well together. Our Fruit and Snack Box highlights seasonal fruits - juicy, crisp, and hand-selected with care - and a delightful array of delicious and satisfying grab-and-go treats from our Farm Kitchen. This holiday gift set further suits someone who appreciates organic fruit and offers a unique selection of treats for putting together a delicious, satisfying snack. As our seasonal offerings change, boxes for winter center around organic pears, apples, and citrus.

Mixed Fruit and Cheese Box

When we're feeling hungry, we reach for two flavors - our seasonal fruits and a soft yet savory cheese - to pair together. This gift box's offerings vary throughout the year based on what is in the orchards: Enjoy the distinctive flavors of our nectarines, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, or citrus as they arrive.

We complement their incredible flavors with the mild yet fresh combination of Bellwether Carmody, a cow's cheese influenced by Italian craftsmanship, and/or Original Blue, Point Reyes Farmstead's award-winning cheese known for a creamy texture and noticeable blue notes.

Essential Gift Box

When you want something to please everybody, our Essential Gift Box delivers through quality any-time offerings from the Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen, including granola, fruit conserves, dried fruit, cookies, and olive oil.

Anytime Gourmet Platter Box

We all know at least one entertainer in our lives. They host dinner parties, their home serves as a get-together spot for friends, or they're the social center of their neighborhood. In all cases, they've got a list of foods they plan to serve and dishes they intend to prepare.

Our Anytime Gourmet Platter Gift Box meets them where they are and thinks ahead to flavorful festivities with Organic Apricot Pepper Jelly and Olive Oil Rosemary Crackers made in our Farm Kitchen, plus artisan cheeses and cured meats from our partners.

Seasonal Care Package Club

Show your friend, family member, or loved one that you're thinking about them each season. Our Seasonal Care Package Club sends them a box of mixed, in-season fruits handpicked from our orchard and paired with offerings from the Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen and local artisans.

Chef Becky's Top Pick

Chef Becky plans the Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen's array of small-batch goodies and creations, exploring all the possibilities for our orchard's fruits.

Holiday Fruit Cake

By the holiday season, her top pick for savoring these flavors is the Farm Kitchen's Holiday Fruitcake. Many claim to not like fruitcake: We say, you haven't tried the right one. Chef Becky's recipe incorporates dried fruits from our orchard and top-shelf rum. Wrapped in a rum-soaked cheesecloth, it gets better with age, as you savor piece after piece.

Farmer Al's Top Pick

Olio Nuovo

Delight in the fresh press of our extra virgin olive oil. Olio Nuovo, or "new oil" is a fleeting seasonal delicacy meant to be enjoyed with gusto and haste. The full and nuanced flavors of the year's press are the most vibrant and distinct when the oil is new.

As Farmer Al's favorite gift, each batch of Olio Nuovo emerges somewhat differently - some with grassy notes and others with hints of melon, pepper, or butter. It's the perfect gift for the gourmet afficionado in your life, as well as anyone with highly refined tastebuds. Drizzle liberally on everything including salads, soups, and roasted vegetables, and of course, indulging in it alone with your favorite warm crusty bread and herbs.

Gifts Under $50

Keep it simple. As you're searching for the perfect holiday gift set, consider some of our combinations centering around the Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen's extraordinary small-batch creations. Spread the flavors of our conserves around your social circle: You know no one's had a jam or preserve like this. Or, shake things up with a unique holiday cookie tin, surprise the recipient with some of our Pluot Chocolate Chip Cookies or other distinctive variations on the classics.

Harvest Trio

The Martha Stewart Show featured this gift set highlighting our top three conserves.

Know someone who bakes - or prefers a simple yet flavorful breakfast? Our Harvest Trio lights up their tastebuds with our hybrid between a jam and a preserve: What results has a full-bodied consistency once spread with delightful bites of sweet fruit and only 20% added sugar. The natural sweetness of our legendary organic fruit shines in our conserves.

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Truffles

Truffles by themselves are a decadent treat. We run with those assumptions with this seemingly simple holiday gift set that's all about complex taste. Here, we use our estate-grown Tuscan-style extra-virgin olive oil to add an extra layer of richness, resulting in a creamy luscious texture. High-quality dark chocolate further increases the depth of the flavor.

Organic Fruit Gift Box

Sometimes, the best gifts aren't complicated. The holiday season is no exception. For a simple yet memorable combination, our Organic Fruit Gift Box includes three pounds of hand-selected fruit packaged in our signature black gift box. Pick which types you seek to send - offerings change with the season.

This gift box suits a wide range of recipients: those who support organic farming, foodies curious about savoring new flavors, and loved ones who want something healthy and convenient.

Taster Trio

Think of all the possibilities. The Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen understands taste and which flavors go well with each other. As such, this holiday gift set pairs the sweet, tangy notes of our organic apricot conserves with the toasted honey flavor of our crunchy granola and the full, authentic profile of our sulfur- and sugar-free dried peaches.

For the cook or food connoisseur in your life, this gift makes an elevated breakfast and presents three ingredients that enhance plenty of meals - from baking to snacking to topping off yogurt.

S'mores Kit Box

On the topic of activity-centered gifts, our S'mores Kit Gift Box brings all the ingredients for a campfire staple right to you. Savor the treat in your backyard after a barbecue, or bring it along for your next outdoor adventure.

Doing this quintessential combination our way, this gift box continues to highlight refined flavors with our Kitchen's own marshmallows, and pairs their melty, fluffy goodness with 70-percent dark chocolate and whole wheat graham crackers for more of a crunch.


Make your holiday season extra flavorful and merry with Frog Hollow Farm. Explore all our gift baskets and fresh organic fruit today.

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