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Apricot lovers, get ready for six shipments of beautiful, bountiful golden apricots. We'll be doing our best to get you a sampling of our favorite apricot varieties like the early Apache and the succulent Honeyrich aprium, as well as longtime favorites like the Robada and Goldensweet. Since the 2012 harvest, we've brought some of the best certified organic varieties which are popular, but hard to find.

This program is likely to ship weekly, however may stagger in order to ensure shipment of some key varieties like the Kettleman. To know more about our stone fruit, especially our apricots, read an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, titled, "Frog Hollow's Rock Star Apricot Farmer."

Because we pick the best apricots available at the time of shipment, the varieties included in your box each week depend on seasonality. We're sticklers for quality and guarantee the freshest organically-grown, tree-ripened fruit nature has to offer.


Expected to Ship: Spring 2017

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