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Farmer Al's Weekly Pick: Heirloom Fantasias, the first pluots, and Peach tartlets in our sampler pack

 Week of July 16th

Dapple Dandy pluotPluot season is here! Our beautiful Dapple Dandy are picking and shipping now. They are the first pluots off our trees, and especially good for introducing to kids since they're known as "dinosaur eggs" for their uniquely speckled skins. While my favorite--the Flavor King--is still on the branch, the Dapple Dandy is a great start to exploring our pluots as they have an excellent ratio of sugar to acid. Again like plums, pluots do better in the fridge than typical stone fruit so if you're experiencing a heatwave, you can stock up on these excellent, refreshing Dapple Dandy...just be sure to let them return to room temperature before eating.

My other pick for you this week is the Fantasia nectarine. These are an heirloom variety, richly colored and just as rich in flavor. The Fantasia is our nectarine selection for our Summer Sampler program, so if you only try one variety of nectarines this season, I recommend the Fantasia.

Finally, with all this fresh fruit coming off the trees, don't forget about all the hard work going on in our farm kitchen. Cooking our small-batch conserves have been keeping our kitchen crew busy, and the seasonal pastries like our peach tartlets (also in our tartlet sampler!) are great single-serving desserts for summer entertaining.

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