What is a Pluot?

What is a Pluot?

Organic Dapple Dandy Pluots

Hello, this is Robert from the accounting department writing today to share a little snippet of information.  We’re getting into our best varieties of pluots in the orchard now, the Dapple Dandy and the Flavor King.  Some of you may be getting our emails and wondering, “What is a Pluot”.  In fact, I know some if you are, because I received an email a few days ago from my own mother asking that very question.  She was wondering if it was like a peach.  

 A pluot is a cross between an apricot and a plum. Apricots and plums have been genetically crossed in many ways to form apriums, plumcots and also apriplums. Personally, I had never even heard of that last one, but read about it on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pluot

As a general rule of thumb, a pluot is more plum than apricot, and an aprium is more apricot than plum.  We do grow a variety of apriums called the Honey Rich which are available in May each year. 

As far as flavor and eating characteristics are concerned, pluots are very similar to plums.  Our Dapple Dandy’s and Flavor Kings are hugely popular and sell fast.  Get ‘em while you can!




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