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Organic Fuyu Persimmons

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Fuyu persimmons develop a melt-in-your-mouth, honey-like flavor surrounded by a firmer texture. Light and hardy, these bright and delicious fall fruits resemble a tomato in shape and size.

Fuyu persimmons add a subtle sweetness to any salad or side dish; they are rich in vitamin A and a good source of vitamin C. Fuyus are firm and mildly sweet when harvested, and sweeten incredibly if allowed to ripen on your kitchen counter. Among all organic persimmon varieties, Fuyus have a wider shape with a flat base, develop a lighter orange shape and ripen at a faster rate than the Hachiya.

How do you prepare Fuyu persimmons? Peel and then slice or dice the fruit to add a mellow sweetness to your salad in place of strawberries, bake them until they soften or puree them for cakes and soft-textured desserts. A somewhat autumnal flavor further invites a sprinkle of cinnamon. Try eating them fresh out of hand, or pair them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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    As organic and regenerative farmers, we are dedicated to growing legendary fruit in a way that protects and nurtures our environment and soil. When not harvesting our own fruit we partner with other farms that share our commitment to producing legendary fruit.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 97 reviews
    Robert Holzman
    Favorite fruit

    Shopping for fruit in a brick and mortar store now a thing of the past. Your persimmons are the best, making me a customer for when the season rolls around again in 2024.

    Wendy C.
    My dad shared them with his friends!

    They must have been good because my dad shared them with his friends! He would not have done that if they weren't good :)

    Stephen M Delger
    Odd little gems.

    Persimmons are an odd little fruit that you cannot buy EVER in my hometown. So, I bought these in order to make a fruit pie. The fruit came to me in great shape, nearly ready to use. I am looking forward to using in a pie for a church social. Know that you and I can count on Frog Hollow Farns for great tasting produce not found elsewhere.

    Sandra Reightler

    The persimmons were delicious! When they arrived they were fresh and had a beautiful orange color/shape. Going forward - I would not hesitate to order from Frog Hollow Farm.

    Newton Cole