4 Reasons to Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Frog Hollow Farm

4 Reasons to Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Frog Hollow Farm

Let's get straight to the point. We have all done our research on how to buy extra virgin olive oil so here are four simple reasons we think you should order extra virgin olive oil from Frog Hollow Farm. We make our olive oil from olives we harvest in our 143-acre organic fruit orchard in Brentwood, CA. Our oil is certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. So here goes! 

1. Good oil comes from great olives: This is a given, right? Olives are stone fruits - like peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums and they need to be harvested at optimal ripeness to derive the best olive oil. At Frog Hollow Farm, we have wowed customers for decades with our legendary tree-ripened stone fruits and our olives are no exception. After a trip to Italy with Becky, Farmer Al planted Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino olive trees in our orchard. We have spent years perfecting oil that has the full-bodied perfume of the fruit from which it is made. It has bright, grassy tasting notes with a bold and vivid, peppery flavor.

2. Certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council: While you may be inclined to believe that European olive oil is superior in quality to what comes out of California, it may be interesting for you to note that according to blogger Jan Bills of Let There Be Bite, “The California Olive Oil Council‘s evaluation criteria are stricter than those of the International Olive Oil Council and call for a 0.5% oleic acid (monounsaturated fat) content to the IOOC’s 0.8%. (The lower the fatty acid content, the lower the chance of rancidity).” Frog Hollow Farm’s olive oil has been certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. This means, it has a nice fruity flavor, with no taste “defects” and its quality reflects the great care we take along the production process.

3. Greater health-boosting antioxidants: Frog Hollow Farm’s extra virgin olive oil is made from a blend of perfectly ripe black and green olives harvested from our olive grove during the brief harvest window. While green olives don’t yield as much oil, they are higher in health-boosting anti-oxidant properties. We harvest our olives at different stages of development to get the perfect balance of flavors and health benefits - a ratio that has been perfected by olive growers in Tuscany over many years.

4. Not refined and certified organic: The process of refining involves using chemical solvents and high heat to neutralize the tastes of oil made from oxidized, less than perfect grade of olives. At Frog Hollow Farm, our extra virgin olive oil does not undergo any chemical refining. We take ample care in growing and harvesting our olives so all we have to do is grind them (in a process is known as “maceration”) and bottle the extracted oil. The flavors are rich and authentic. Like all our fruit, our olives are certified organic too.


Author: Pearl Driver
Pearl is the Marketing Director at Frog Hollow Farm. She is a digital marketing expert. Before joining Frog Hollow Farm, Pearl worked as a journalist and as Website producer. She brings a combination of creative thinking and knowledge of the Web to Frog Hollow. Her favorite fruits from the farm are the O’Henry peach and the Flavor King pluot. She loves good food and like to experience foods from different nations and cultures. She loves to cook with a variety of ingredients and experiments often with fruit from the farm in her own, home kitchen.

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