Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie

Here is Chef Becky’s take on the classic Shaker pie using our own California grown organic Meyer lemons. Made traditionally by the Shaker communities throughout New England, our farm kitchen follows the same methods to create these fragrant lemon-centric pies using the entire fruit, peels and all. The rich crust is perfectly balanced with the aromatic and tart lemon filling. Our handsome pie will the center of any Sunday gathering. The Shaker Lemon Pie is 9" and serves 8-10 people.


Crust: Organic flour, organic butter, leaf lard.
Filling: Organic Meyer lemons, organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter, salt.

Storage & Handling

Remove pie from packaging and place it in the refrigerator on a flat surface. Remove and let sit for 2 hours before serving.

Shipping Details

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I wasn’t a big fan of the pie and I love lemons. Just a little different. Took a little Time to actually be shipped but once it finally was I received it the next day. Well packaged and secured.

Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie

Really different & really good

Meyer Lemon Pie

Wow! It truly had the meyer lemon flavor with minimal sweetness. And an amazing crust as well..

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