Send a Letter to Your Representatives To Keep Frog Hollow's Water On!

Send a Letter to Your Representatives To Keep Frog Hollow's Water On!


Two months ago, emergency regulations threatened to turn off water for all farmers south of the Delta. California is the highest agricultural supplier in the US and the 5th largest in the world(!), so cutting off our farms before water sinks like golf courses, cemeteries, and even private lawns threatens food security well beyond our local community. All that amidst a pandemic that has already disrupted food supply systems!

Frog Hollow grows perennial crops (rather than annual), so our trees represent our income for the next 30 years. Small farms like us cannot afford to abandon crops, even for one season.

We asked you to join us in writing letters to our state legislators urging them not to turn off our water and to instead work with growers and irrigation districts to find a solution. You sent 194 letters to your representatives through our online letter campaign. That’s incredible. Typically if a legislator’s office gets 10 or 20 letters they know to pay attention to an issue. We are absolutely blown away by your support. And we’re so happy to report that our water is still on!

“I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart,” says Farmer Al. “It might have been the tipping point for all I know. So thank you very much for doing that. Your letters do count. They are heard.”


California is voting to shut off water for farmers, even those with senior water rights. The decision will have a profoundly negative impact on small farmers, who cannot afford to abandon crops. California farms are not only the backbone of our local food system, but also produce 80% of fruits and vegetables for the United States. These regulations would have huge, lasting consequences for the California economy, for food security nationwide, and for Frog Hollow Farm.

Last week we asked you to petition to include aid for small farmers in the state budget. Thank you! This week, we're hoping you can help us stop water curtailment altogether. If we write to our state legislatures before the potential curtailment takes effect next week (August 15th), we might have a chance.

If you're in California and feel moved to join the fight, sign or adapt this template letter. We wrote it with all the points we think are important to convey to your representatives. You can even submit it electronically. So easy!

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