Fruit baskets for newlyweds: A guide to choosing the perfect gift

Fruit baskets for newlyweds: A guide to choosing the perfect gift

You’ve been invited to a wedding and are thinking about possible gifts for the soon-to-be newlyweds. They might have sent along a registry for inspiration, but you’re also looking to bridge something creative and original with something practical — and ultimately something that they’ll use and remember years from now.

In general, engaged couples think they’ll need kitchen gadgets, cookware and wine glasses to start their lives together. And, they’re not wrong. Food, however, complements these basics and helps them commemorate the start of their life together.

Need some ideas for wedding gift baskets? Frog Hollow Farm has put together a few suggestions:

Center the Gift Basket on a Meal

With a bunch of odds and ends, they’ll be wondering, “What do I do with this?” In a best-case scenario, they plan out various dishes based on the included ingredients.

Instead, seek out a wedding gift basket focusing on a certain time of day or a specific meal — for example, brewing a cup of morning coffee, making a big weekend breakfast, preparing dinner with fresh vegetables or entertaining for game or movie night. Get inspiration with: 

  • Our Harvest Trio Box, packed with our most popular fruit preserves. 
  • Our Charcuterie, Cheese and Fruit basket (below), overflowing with a variety of sweet, juicy organic fruit, California cheeses, savory salamis and handmade crackers. 
  • Our Organic Fruit Gift Basket, the perfect complement to a set of knives and a cutting board. You select the fruit you want to send, and we hand-select and deliver the most gorgeous pieces.  

Explore all our wedding gifts to get ideas and place an order.

A Couple’s Preferences

As a wedding guest, chances are that you’re familiar with the couple and likely have some insight into their preferences. To narrow down and refine ideas for a newlywed gift basket:

  • Think about where they’ll be able to use the gift — from their honeymoon to a new home together.
  • Know what some of their favorite foods are — from dessert combinations to wine or coffee to how elaborately they prepare meals.
  • Know if they’re foodies — consider more experimental options or, to the other end, ingredients allowing for greater creativity in meal preparation.
  • If you’ve ever been to one of their dinner parties, think about what was served on the menu — from spicy to sweet or another flavor profile they may enjoy.
  • Think about whether they typically cook at home or lead more of an on-the-go lifestyle where convenience is important.

Think About a Subscription

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. In the case of Frog Hollow Farm, this is some of the tastiest organic seasonal produce imaginable.

Serious cooks and fruit lovers relish the unique, certified organic varieties we grow and source from partner farms — all year long. Gift them a Frog Hollow Farm Fruit Club, and they’ll find regular deliveries of delicious fruit and farm products at their doorstep. 

Or, if you’re shopping for a cook or budding chef, our Olive Oil Club delivers certified extra virgin olive oil in three, six and 12 monthly shipments. We blend four traditional olive varieties that grow in our orchard to make this wonderful Tuscan-style olive oil that’s a joy to cook with.

The future looks bountiful for these newlyweds!


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