Website Overhaul

Website Overhaul

Welcome to our new website! We've listened to your requests for a smoother online experience and have switched to Shopify as our web and e-commerce platform. You can expect increased security, smoother modern browsing, and what's most exciting for us, an easier way to keep our many fans updated about what's going on at the farm.

Customer accounts from the old site could not be migrated, so if you like to store your frequently used addresses and billing info, you'll have to take a moment to create a new login during your next checkout. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we imagine you'll find it worth the time as there will be no more frequent errors with our coupon codes or ordering issues for mobile users! Creating a customer account is not necessary to make a purchase, so please feel free to checkout as a guest.

Shopify is allowing us to do a lot of fun new things, and we're giving tiered shipping a try! Ordering more than $80 worth of goods? Now pay just $25 for shipping anywhere in the country. For the full breakdown of our new shipping rates, see our Shipping Info & Policies. Browsing around, you'll also notice our full line of scones and scuffins available for the first time as individual orders, as well as cases of any of our conserves and other spreadables.

We hope you like the new website as much we do and invite your feedback. Frog Hollow Farm also takes accessibility seriously, so please let us know if you encounter any problems while using a screen reader or any other assistance program to navigate our site. We'll do our best to address the needs of our customers.

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