Yuzu Hollandaise Sauce with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Organic Yuzu adds a fresh dimension to this classic dish!

Roasted Potatoes


2 lb. of Fingerling potatoes

Olive oil

Kosher salt to taste


Turn the oven to 425 degrees:

In a large pot, place the potatoes and season aggressively with kosher salt

Blanch the potatoes until it is cooked through (check by tasting). Remove the potatoes from the pot and drain well.

Place the potatoes in a large mixing bowl while still hot and dress with quality olive oil.

On a heavy sheet pan, place a sheet of parchment and cook for 20 minutes (the potatoes should be nice and browned).

Meanwhile, start on the hollandaise sauce.


5 egg yolks

½ cup of melted and warmed butter

Kosher salt to taste

Juice and zest of a Yuzu


To make the hollandaise, add a little water, around 3-4 inches to a heavy-based pan set over low heat and bring up to a very gentle simmer. Set a large, heatproof bowl over the pan, making sure the bowl doesn’t come into contact with the water. A metal bowl will get very hot very quickly, increasing the chance of the sauce overheating and splitting, so a thick, heatproof glass bowl is ideal.

Add the egg yolks and yuzu juice, along with zest if you have a real yuzu, to the bowl, season with a little salt, and whisk together for a couple of minutes, over low heat, until it starts to thicken a little. Then begin to add the melted butter, a teaspoon at a time at first, increasing to a thin, steady trickle after the first few additions, whisking continuously. Keep adding the butter little by little until it’s all incorporated. Remove the bowl from the pan and rest on the worksurface now and then as you whisk to cool the sauce a little before returning to rest above the pan. Once all the butter is incorporated, you’ll have a sauce of mayonnaise-like consistency. At this point, take a couple of tbsps. of the hot water from the pan below the bowl, and whisk into the sauce until it’s of a thick pouring consistency.

Place the roasted potatoes onto a serving platter and spoon over with a drizzling of the Yuzu hollandaise and garnish with chopped chives, and another squeezing of Yuzu. Serve at once.

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