Dried Nectarines

For day-hikers, bakers, or parents wanting a simple and healthy snack for kids, Frog Hollow Farm dried nectarines are a delicious option. The nectarine medallions range from golden brown to deep mahogany and boast rich, complex flavors akin to brown sugar and caramel. Nectarines are closely related to peaches, but lack the gene for fuzz! On average, they're slightly smaller and sweeter than their cousins with more reddish skin. When dried, they have a delightfully toothsome flesh that’s great for eating out of hand, thinly slicing into salads, or cooking into stews and baked goods. 


  • 8oz bag
  • No sulfur added


A dried piece of fruit is only as good as the fruit you start with. And with decades of experience growing legendary, organic fruit, Frog Hollow Farm dried fruit is pretty unbeatable. We’re hands-on every step of the way. Each tree in our 280-acre orchard is cared for and harvested by hand throughout its entire life to ensure the plumpest, healthiest fruit. When the fruit is optimally ripe, we hand-slice it (and in the case of peaches, also hand-peel it) right onto the drying trays. Once the fruit is dried, we hand-pack it right here on the farm without sulfur or other additives. We’ve been doing it that way for almost 25 years. We pride ourselves in finding a place for every piece of overripe fruit on the farm that we can, regardless of whether or not a grocery store would deem it pretty enough to eat out of hand. As you’ll often hear Farmer Al say, waste not! And the ripest fruit makes the sweetest dried fruit. As the water evaporates, the well-developed sugar content takes center stage. Not only is drying fruit a way to enjoy the summer harvest year-round, it’s part of our greater ecosystem of averting food waste. Let our dried fruit transport you. Enjoy each sweet, textured bite. And no matter what time of year, savor the taste of summer sunshine.

The photos are an example of our packaging but do not represent the variety you will receive, as that changes based on availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terrence Aronian
The Best I've Had

All of the Frog Hollow Farms' dried fruit is the best I've had. Red Peaches are my favorite, with Nectarines second favorite. Can't wait to try other varieties.

Dried nectarines

These are tasty but a little dri and hard for my old mouth.

Mike Gritt

Excellent taste and texture.

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