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Cookie Trio

Cookie Trio

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How do you like your cookies? A little sweet? A little savory? 100% gluten-free? Or all three?!! This cookie trio offers you a perfect sampling of some of the best cookies we make in our farm kitchen. Our pluot chocolate chip cookies have long been a customer favorite! You will experience the delicious flavor of sun-dried pluots from our farm in every bite. The  Chocolate Ganache Linzer Cookies cookies are rich and nutty with a buttery texture. The latest in our line-up is our Apricot Amaretti cookie. It's crisp on the outside with a chewy center that's generously sprinkled with sun-dried apricots so you get more fruity goodness in every bite. These are also 100% gluten-free!

Our cookie trio is a great tea-time or morning snack. It also makes for a great gift and arrives ready-to-eat.

Cookie Trio is available in 2 sizes:

- One 4oz bag each of Pluot Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Ganache Linzer Cookies and Apricot Amaretti cookies

- 1lb gold-stamped tin of cookies (re-usable tin)

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