On Farm & Fruit: My Summer At Frog Hollow Farm

On Farm & Fruit: My Summer At Frog Hollow Farm

My second home is the Nikon D7500. Her beloved viewfinder and lens work together to show me what I miss, and with Cassidy's writing, I am gifted the juiciest of Frog Hollow Farm. 

Pixels fool. How does one convey sentiments, love, care, sweetness, history, through mere images and written imagery? Communication. Storytelling. Marketing, the marketing team, but really, all of us at Frog Hollow Farm.

But not quite—words rae really only the closest we'll get. How do I tell you that your wonderful childhood memories will be embodied by the first bite of the perfectly ripe Suncrest peach, during the first week of July, with the warm juice dripping down, coating your weathered face? How do I tell you that a whole year's and x people's worth of love—first our homemade, organic compost on the soil, then to pruning, thinning, harvesting, sorting, and packing—goes into each jewel of fruit? How do I tell you that we care, like really care, about food and the land, that we hand pick and hand sort and we constantly taste and only share the best of the best? How do I tell you that we care about people—that Farmer Al and Chef Becky are teachers at heart. That they took in interns and remember the birthdays of all us staff. How do I tell you that we support each other—that we love to support other farms and people and businesses and work with nonprofits that share the same level of conviction and drive? How do I tell you that we want to leave the Earth a better place—that we consistently work to find the most sustainable packaging and constantly work to nourish and replenish the land? How do I tell you that we work to educate and pursue and act and do more than just sell fruit, that we visit elementary schools and give tours to students and donate to food banks and host vaccine clinics?

Our beloved Nikon is the closest I'll get to properly articulating myself and the beautiful, regenerative, truly caring space that is Frog Hollow Farm. Our beloved Nikon brings my passion to storytell and market and create into fruition. I will surely miss working with everyone dearly. 

Betsy Ding spent her Frog Hollow internship this summer photographing, writing blogs, producing recipe videos, and much more. 

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