Comforting Condolences: The Sympathetic Gesture of Bereavement Fruit Baskets

Comforting Condolences: The Sympathetic Gesture of Bereavement Fruit Baskets

When someone loses a spouse, parent, sibling or other loved one, they're often contending with a mix of emotions - from grief to isolation to frustration. At the same time, they're likely involved in planning a funeral and have to face both immediate financial concerns, including time off from work or dividing an estate, and long-term life changes.

Sending a sympathy gift during these periods both expresses your condolences and provides them with assistance. In the case of bereavement fruit baskets, that's a supply of organic produce for putting together a meal or serving others during a confusing, complicated and difficult time.

What a Bereavement Gift Symbolizes

In looking out for your friend or family member and being of assistance, understand what makes a helpful and appreciated sympathy gift:

  • Avoid asking them for what they need outright: At this time, they likely don't know and may be caught between planning a funeral and feelings of grief.
  • Oftentimes, a phone call is enough to show that you're thinking about them. Consider following this with a card and a condolence gift basket containing something you know they'll use.
  • Food gifts also tend to be appreciated, as your friend or family member might not have the time to shop for and prep meals. Sympathy fruit baskets, casseroles and other combinations with essential ingredients deliver these basics right to their door and help cross something off their seemingly unending to-do list.

Tips for Sending Bereavement Fruit Baskets

You understand the importance of fresh, healthful food during a challenging time. While bereavement fruit baskets seem like the logical and most versatile choice in this situation, keep the following points in mind when selecting your sympathy gift:

  • Be mindful of the recipient's dietary restrictions.
  • Sympathy gifts are typically sent within a few weeks of a loved one's passing or funeral. In these cases, call or mail a letter with your condolences within a few days and follow up within two weeks with your gift.
  • Think about your relationship to the deceased: Make your gift more personalized, possibly with a heartfelt message, if you knew them well. If they were more of an acquaintance, send along something that will be of use to their family.

For Selecting Sympathy Fruit Baskets

In addition to the rules listed above:

  • Consider a subscription service over a traditional fruit basket to supply the deceased's family members with fresh ingredients over a period of time.
  • Keep your sympathy gift simple and practical: Oftentimes, fruit with tea and honey hits all the right notes and requires minimal preparation.
  • Think about the rest of the ingredients included: Cheese not only pairs well with fruit but serves as the foundation for a sandwich or fulfilling snack, while baked goods can be eaten as is.
  • Prepared foods, as well as coffee, have the recipient and their family covered for a few meals.


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