October is National Apple Month!

October is National Apple Month!

The crunchy juiciness of a ripe, fragrant apple is one of the best things about the fall harvest. Whether eating out of hand, or baking into pies and tarts, apples are a versatile fruit that appeal to just about everyone.

There are many apple varieties, too, and that means diverse flavors, textures and colors. We grow two apple varieties at Frog Hollow Farm: Fuji and Pink Lady. Fuji is a well-known and popular heirloom variety dating back to the days of Thomas Jefferson. They are known for their bursting sweetness and crisp texture. Pink Ladies are just as popular as Fujis and boast a beautiful pink blush over their bright green peel. They are also crunchy and sweet, which leads many fruit lovers to ask these questions:

How are Fujis and Pink Ladies different from each other?

Can I use them interchangeably?

There are several characteristics that make Fujis distinct from Pink Ladies. Fujis tend to be larger and heavier. And, while both apple varieties are sweet and juicy, Pink Ladies pack a tart punch. Some Pink Ladies will make you pucker! That brings us to the second question about using them interchangeably.

The answer is maybe. For eating out of hand, sure—fruit lovers who enjoy a good Fuji will probably also love a delicious Pink Lady. And, both varieties are excellent for baking. Taste a Fuji and then taste a Pink Lady. Now decide if you want to swap them out of in recipes where you have exclusively used one or the other. If you’re looking to increase the tartness of a favorite pie, go for the Pink Lady.

Or, consider this: Fujis and Pink Ladies complement each other very well, so why not mix and match?

Play with the poundage, as one canner we know likes to say. Homemade applesauce is an easy place to start. Here’s a recipe that calls for a mix of Pink Ladies and Fujis. This batch will give you a healthy portion of applesauce—perfect for serving a group and having some left over.

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