Tracking Pineapple Express at Frog Hollow: Storm Diary

Tracking Pineapple Express at Frog Hollow: Storm Diary

Welcome to Frog Hollow Farm's photo blog describing our on-site experience of the Pineapple Express storm that swept over California Dec. 11, 2014. Being more inland than some other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, we received a steady down pour of rain starting around 9.30am PST and it continued until the end of our work day. 

5 p.m. PST: It's getting dark already but the rain's getting just a little lighter than earlier on in the day. Pineapple Express continues to grace Frog Hollow. 

4 p.m. PST: You know the rich soil of Frog Hollow Farm is grateful for this rain. So far, we have a steady, ongoing shower.

3 p.m. PST: We put up this netting around the fava beans to help protect them from blowing over in the wind. It worked well. "Everything looks pretty good in our vegetable garden," says our assistant farmer Marlene.

2 p.m. PST: It's raining! It's pouring and we are all doing our little rain dance at Frog Hollow... #NoMoreCalDrought 


12 noon PST: What the orchard looks like against a backdrop of dark, looming clouds. 

10 a.m. PST: Pineapple Express has arrived at Frog Hollow Farm. The downpour continued for at least an hour. Our assistant farmer Marlene (left) and Jennifer (center) and Alexyss (right) sneak in a quick photo-op! We're definitely loving the rain... And so are our trees.

8 a.m. PST: Things are starting to get really windy at Frog Hollow. The palm next to our office is starting to shake things up.

It's starting to get verrrrry windy at the farm. #onstorm #NorCalStorm #PineappleExpress

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7a.m. PST: It's dark and gloomy at the farm with strong winds heralding the incoming storm.


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