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Partner Farms

Organic Sweetie Apples

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Sweetie apples are highlighted by a sweet taste and firm texture and their beautiful red color is accented by golden cheeks.

With an international heritage, these apples were discovered in France and are considered a cross between a Braeburn and Royal Gala apple which accounts for their great flavor.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 4-6 apples
  • 5lbs = Approx. 9-12 apples
  • 10lbs = Approx. 20-24 apples


Fruit: Apples
Variety: Sweetie
Farm: Partner Farms

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Incredible apples!

They were so sweet it was absurd. I can't recommend Frog Hollow Farm fruit highly enough!

Shanda Savage

I loved these apples and i love all of your products so far. I have an immunocompromised parent living with me and we are so thankful to have your safe and healthy products coming to us.

Sweeties - an excellent fruit, but damaged on delivery

Exactly as the title says - the Sweetie apple is an excellent variety. It has good texture, it is not excessively tart (as many of the Cripps - type apples are), and it has a fresh apple flavor. It's a nearly perfect apple. However, the packing and shipping of my 5 lbs box was miserable. The apples arrived bruised, every one of them, some deeply bruised, and some on two sides. I don't know what happened en route, but it was sad to see such fine apples so badly mishandled. I enjoyed them anyway. After cutting away the damaged parts, the rest was fine. Still - there is something seriously wrong with the process at Frog Hollow, and in a sense I should demand a refund for the percent of discarded fruit. I estimate about 15%-20%.