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Organic Murcott Mandarins

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Organic Murcott mandarins have a sweet and juicy flesh. Unlike most other mandarin varieties, these are distinct in that their skin is very thin and clings to its segmented flesh. These are excellent for eating out of hand as well as for juicing or for making jam. Each week we have limited availability of organic mandarins from a partner farm that shares our commitment to producing legendary fruits


  • 3lbs = Approx. 10-12 mandarins
  • 5lbs = Approx. 18-24 mandarins
  • 10lbs = Approx. 36-48 mandarins


Fruit: Citrus
Variety: Murcott
What Are They? Murcott tangerines are a late maturing tangerine that are sometimes mislabeled as "honey" tangerines and "Smith" tangerines; they should not be confused with the "honey" variety and Smith is a secondary name referencing its breeder. The Murcott tangerine is the hybrid result from a citrus breeding program within The United States Department of Agriculture.
Origins/History: The documentation of its exact parentage is limited.
Nutritional Value: Contains a significant amount of vitamin C.
How to cut/peel: Easy to peel and the membranes separate easily.
Serving Suggestions: Murcott tangerines are used primarily for their juice because of their high seed content. Freeze juice into sorbets and granitas, blend with other citrus juices, or use in jams, curds and tarts. Add segments to salads and pair with duck, fennel, avocado, onion and olives. Use fresh chiles and herbs, goat cheeses, honey, ginger, young olive oils and dried spices such as cinnamon, oregano and saffron. Murcott tangerines will keep at room temperature but should be refrigerated for longer storage.
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James Takamune

Organic Murcott Mandarins

Annie Brooks

The mandarins were good. Disappointed in the quantity for the price.

Suzanne Samson

Organic Murcott Mandarins

John Elicker

Very delicious!

Keating Pepper

Wish you had more. Loved them