Organic Koginut Squash


This unique little pumpkin has a built-in ripeness indicator. Fruit turn from green to bronze on the vine, so farmers know exactly when to pick for peak flavor and nutrition. (Could vine-ripened squash be the new vine-ripened tomato?) The Koginut has a creamy smooth texture and a sophisticated flavor profile (like a combination of butternut and kabocha without the overbearing squashiness you find in some gourds) that couples incredibly well dressed with brown butter, Maldon salt and a splash of lemon juice, when roasted whole in the oven. The skin pulls away easily from the flesh and the skin even has a pleasant taste. We also enjoyed the heady aroma that filled our farm kitchen when cooking with them!

Fruit: Squash
Variety: Robin's Koginut
Grown: Brentwood, California
Farm: Frog Hollow Farm
  • 5lbs = Approx. 2-4 fruits

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