Organic Clementine Mandarins


Out of Season, Other Mandarin Varieties Still Available


Clementines are sweet, juicy, easy to peel, and usually seedless, making them a great on-the-go snack for both children and adults. During the winter, each week we have limited availability of organic mandarins from a partner farm that shares our commitment to producing legendary fruits.
Fruit: Mandarin
Variety:  Clementine
Grown:  Kingsburg, California
Farm:  Olson Family Farms
What Are They?  A hybrid of mandarin and the sweet orange. Also referred to as a tangor.
Origins/History:  Legend says that Algerians monks created a hybrid by accident. Originates in China.
Nutritional Value:  Contains a significant amount of vitamin C.
How to cut/peel:  Easy to peel and the membranes separateeasily.
Serving Suggestions:  Eaten out of hand, in salads, in desserts.
  • 3lbs = Approx. 12-15 fruits
  • 5lbs = Approx. 24-28 fruits
  • 10lbs = Approx. 48-56 fruits

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    Sweet Clementines

    Wonderful holiday gift

    Reall exvellent taste and quality.

    Reall exvellent taste and quality. Will buy again

    Excellent Products!

    I have sent different kinds of fruit many times & it’s always delicious, packed well & arrives very timely. Love this place!!

    Organic Clementines

    My daughter-in-law loved these! Delicious

    Purchase review

    I love your farm and products and our friends all really enjoyed their special CA gifts!! The only thing that could use improvement is clarity on your website for designating a shipment as a gift. There should be a better option that allows you to type in a note and then review it - on two of my orders I was able to include a note, and the third was not.

    Hi Marisa! Thanks for the feedback! We actually updated our system to where the gift note is also printed on the packing label. So there is no more losing gift notes, And we updated where you can put multiple different shipping addresses on one order as well :)

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