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2024 Cal Red Cravings | Organic Fruit Club | 2 Shipments

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This club comes in two shipments. 

The beloved Cal Red is in a class all its own. There's a reason that this particular peach variety is known as the "Oh my God" peach! A relatively new variety and a California native, the Cal Red was bred by University of California botanist Claron O. Hesse in the mid-1960s. Aptly named for the Golden State, the Cal Red is a beautiful golden peach marked with a gentle, sun-kissed blush. It's especially juicy and flavorful, and its sweetness is beloved by people of all ages, including kids.

Our best-selling variety, Cal Red peaches have a harvest window that can be as short as just two weeks. Yet in that short span of time, they continue to make their mark and gain new fans every year. Fans of the Cal Red mark their calendars to eagerly await the harvest of these juicy peaches each summer.

According to The New York Times, our Cal Red peaches are "... big, handsome peaches unblemished and ready to savor, dripping with rich juice." Sign up for this fruit club subscription to get two shipments of Cal Reds to enjoy at their peak ripeness.

3lbs = Approx. 6 5lbs = Approx. 8-12 10lbs = Approx. 18-24 Because we pick the best fruit available at the time of shipment, the varieties included in your box depends on seasonality. We're sticklers for quality and guarantee the freshest organically-grown, tree-ripened fruit nature has to offer.

Our regenerative organic practices not only produce great fruit, but they also provide important ecosystem and climate benefits. We build soil health by composting, planting cover crops, and not tilling. The soil contains thriving communities of beneficial microbes and fungi that fertilize our trees. And we are fighting climate change by building the carbon storage capacity of our soil. Our orchards store an average of 29 tons of carbon per acre – that’s the equivalent of taking 1,488 passenger vehicles off the road for one year!

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Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.

People Love Us

"These peaches are just SO good"

You just have no idea how delicious a peach can be until you have tried a CalRed peach. It can be terrifying to spend that much money on peaches... but they arrive perfectly ripened and absolutely stunningly delicious.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jean Abiassi

I love the taste, however when they arrived some of them started to spoil.

Elliott Turbiner
End of summer sweetness

These peaches are the best of the seasonal fruits. They arrived unblemished and wrapped. Ready to eat in several days. Sweet and very juicy. None finer

Tina L
Best Peach of the year!

These large beautiful succulent juicy sweet peaches are truly the best peaches we have tasted this year!

Roberta White
Simply the Best!

I have been ordering Cal Red peaches for over twenty years. Perfect every time.
They are the most delicious peaches you will ever taste.

Deleted user