Frog Hollow Farm is an organic, family-owned farm in Brentwood, CA, growing legendary fruit using regenerative practices.

What’s so special about the fruit?

  • We grow, harvest, and send our fruit out into the world with extra care and that comes through in the flavor.
  • Frog Hollow fruit is the sweetest fruit available. That’s because it’s handpicked for optimal ripeness, not for travel or shelf life.
  • Before harvest, we test the fruit in each orchard for sugar content to ensure we’re bringing you the tastiest fruit around.
  • Every tree in our orchard is cared for by hand, from planting to harvesting, by our skilled orchard team.

What’s special about the farm?

  • Frog Hollow Farm has been farming organically for over 30 years and is deeply committed to farming in a way that cares for our planet and community.
  • As regenerative farmers, we are working to build climate resilience by nurturing healthy soil, capturing carbon, and fostering biodiversity through compost production, cover crops, and no-till orchard management.

What’s special about our farm team?

  • We have a wonderful and diverse team of farmers, chefs, customer service, sales, and marketing people.
  • We provide farmworker housing for our year-round employees and provide a monthly wellness training program for all team members focusing on health, meditation, nutrition, stress management, stretching, etc.
  • We’ve also hosted vaccine clinics for our staff and the surrounding area with the help of farmworker advocacy group, Hijas del Campo.