Many people think nectarines are a hybrid fruit, but they are really just peaches that lack the gene for fuzz! Every so often a nectarine can be spotted growing naturally on one of our peach trees. Though they're peaches in disguise, nectarines are regarded commercially as different fruits and the lack of fuzz can make for a very different eating experience. As with peaches, nectarines can be white or yellow, clingstone or freestone. On average, they're slightly smaller and sweeter than their cousins and their lack of fuzz can make their skins appear more reddish. We grow seven types of yellow nectarines and two types of white nectarines, and they are typically harvested from early July to early September. 

Variety Description
Arctic Jay Small to medium-sized clingstone nectarine with white creamy flesh and a matte crimson coat.
Medium acid, but with good sweetness and juiciness.
Perfect to make blinis with or eaten in salads or out of hand.
Candy Pearl A red-skinned white-fleshed nectarine that is abundantly juicy with a sweet flavor and firm texture.
Emeraude & Jade White-fleshed nectarines, the Jade and Emeraude's subtle sweetness and low acidity makes them a great contrast to our
early-season yellow peaches.
Both Jade and Emeraude are available mid to late June.
Juneglo An early season, yellow fleshed nectarine that is semi-freestone and full of flavor,
by plant renowned plant breeder Flyod Zaiger.
Majestic Pearl The Majestic Pearl is aptly named. It has a deep red skin that gives way to white flesh which has the soft and subtle sweetness
of white fleshed varieties.
Ruby Diamond Slightly smaller on average than the Ruby Grand, the Ruby Diamond is our best early-season nectarine in Farmer Al's opinion.
It's a brilliantly crimson freestone with a very good eating quality.
Juicy and firm it has the perfect blend of tangy and sweet that nectarine fans love. Ruby Diamonds are available in early July.
Ruby Grand The Ruby Grand is naturally large and fragrant with an intense flavor.
It's firm flesh has a melting mouthful and is a very versatile fruit, excellent for eating fresh, canning, freezing, and for drying.
Ruby Grands are available in early July.
Honeylicious With a boldly sweet, honey-like, aromatic flesh, the Honeylicious nectarine is a favorite to eat out-of-hand and also makes a
wonderful drink mix-in. This nectarine ripens into a truly melt-in-your mouth experience.
Flavortop The Flavor Top is one of the highest scoring nectarine varieties in regional fruit tastings.
It's a beautiful variety, with bold streaks of red and yellow and firm succulent flesh.
They hold up extremely well when sliced so are ideally suited for a fragrant
midsummer fruit salad and are one of the varieties we especially recommend for grilling.
Flavor Tops are available in early to mid July.
Fantasia Quickly becoming one of our best-known and most popular varieties, the Fantasia is a large, tapered heirloom nectarine.
Its deep golden flesh is amazingly sweet and smooth, and its marbled, bright red skin makes for an exceptionally beautiful
Like many of our heirloom varieties, the Fantasia is a far more fragile fruit than most farms will even consider growing.
Like the Suncrest peach that often ripens at the same time, the
Fantasia is easily bruised when allowed to ripen properly on the branch, 
but we're sure you'll agree that the taste is well worth the risk.
Fantasias are available in mid- to late-July.
Summer Flare Our Summer Flare trees produce some of the largest and juiciest nectarines we see.
Rich in flavor, they're often solid red with hardly a streak of yellow in the skin.
A clingstone, the Summer Flare is an ideal variety to bite right into and eat out of hand.
Summer Flares are available in mid-July.
Summer Fire The Summer Fire has a firm meaty flesh that isn't as juicy as some of our other varieties but is packed with a red wine intensity
that makes it a memorable and desirable nectarine. Often with a deeper reddish hue than the Fantasia, the Summer Fire is a
variety that's worth the extra effort it takes to slice and pit a clingstone:
its warm yellow flesh is streaked beautifully with red near the pit.
Summer Fires are available in early to mid-August.
August Red These late season nectarine that is elegantly shaped and rich in flavor, with deep red skin and warm orange flesh.
August Fire An elegantly shaped and rich in flavor nectarine, with deep red skin and warm orange flesh.
September Bright A beautiful deep red nectarine with yellow streaking the September Bright has a unique red to orange ombre flesh with very
high sugar and an excellent tart acid balance making this a vibrantly flavorful nectarine.
Autumn Bright
June Bright Deep golden flesh under a soft golden skin, the June Bright has the essential qualities of a mid-season nectarine with a
rounded sweetness from its excellent sugar to acid balance.


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