April 10, 2023 

Our fourth mulberry harvest looks like it will be a bumper crop!

Brentwood, Calif. – Farmer Al walked through his seven-year old mulberry orchard this morning, inspecting branches laden with young green berries. “This is twice as much fruit as we had last year,” he said in amazement. “These fruits look big and healthy.” 

This year’s crop of Pakistan mulberries looks unusually bountiful and should be available at local farmers markets beginning the weekend of April 29-30. Frog Hollow grows the only CCOF certified organic mulberries available in the Bay Area. 

Pakistan mulberries are deliciously sweet and juicy, but fragile and challenging to harvest. Frog Hollow has developed its reputation, in part, by growing specialty fruits that most growers won’t touch. Cal Red peaches, Warren pears, and Fantasia nectarines are notorious varieties that present challenges for growing, picking, or shipping. 

Rather than picking mulberries by hand or using rough mechanical methods, Frog Hollow has developed a gentle system using soft nets that catch the soft fruit as it ripens and drops from the tree. The specially trained orchard team places the precious berries directly into containers from the nets, meaning each berry is only touched once. 

Pakistan mulberries are sweet, soft and juicy, with a little kick of acid. They have an aromatic flavor reminiscent of blackberry or boysenberry, with a more earthy sweetness. High in antioxidants, they're a good source of fiber, iron, and Vitamin C. They are terrific straight out of the box or mixed into yogurt, morning smoothies or muffins.

How to buy: 

Pre-order at froghollow.com

Frog Hollow booths at Bay Area farmers markets (beginning April 29): 

  • SF Ferry Plaza (Saturdays) 
  • Downtown Berkeley (Saturdays) 
  • Larkspur (Saturdays) 
  • Palo Alto California Ave (Sundays). 
  • Kensington (Sundays) 
  • South Berkeley (Tuesdays) 
  • North Berkeley (Thursdays) 

Frog Hollow Farm CSA: join at froghollowcsa.com 

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Contact: Richard Rojo, 209-401-9939 or richard@froghollow.com


Mulberries ripening

Mulberry net catchment system

Mulberries in a bowl