Plum Strawberry Conserve, a Union of Fruit and Farms

Plum Strawberry Conserve, a Union of Fruit and Farms

 As an organic farm that’s been in the business for over forty years we have developed a high standard and a trained palette for high quality produce, especially fruit. We grow several varieties of each type of stone fruit to give us a longer production season; and also to bring diversity to our kitchen products. One of our favorite products to make is the fruit spread.

Each stone-fruit, with the exception of plum, has its own conserve. All of our conserves are made with only 20% added sugar and showcase their natural fruit flavor. The plum is more tart than the rest of our stone fruit, and to reach our desired sweetness we blend the plum with fruits that are less acidic and have a higher sugar content. Additionally plums have high pectin levels and help bring structure to recipes that incorporate fruits with lower pectin levels such as: nectarines, blueberries, and strawberries.

Organic Plum & Strawberry Conserve - Frog Hollow Farm

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we have been working on a fruit spread that features the berry that we all associate with love, the strawberry. The strawberries are from one of our favorite organic farms, Dirty Girl Farm. We respect their farming methods and believe they grow some of the best strawberries in the Bay Area. This conserve is not just a union of fruit, but a union of farms.

If you like our Plum-Blueberry and Nectarine-Plum conserve, you will love our newest addition to the collection: Plum- Strawberry. It reveals tart plum notes accenting a classic strawberry sweetness that the whole family will love.

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