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Happening This Week: Mt.Diablo Burns, Temperatures Soar & Fall Fruit in Mail Order Boxes

As Mt. Diablo in the San Francisco Bay Area burnedSept. 8, it offered a fiery reminder that Mother Nature is still in control.  At a blazing hot 100 degrees in Brentwood, the sky was strangely darkened by a mushroom cloud of brown and black smoke making it feel a lot like the day of the solar eclipse last year.  Early yesterday morning I went outside when it was still dark and Mt. Diablo was glowing red all along its southern slope, looking very volcanic, with flames towering above the ridges.  
But here on the farm it is quiet.  With most of the fruit now picked, that daily sense of urgency has subsided and the pace is slower. The “ground team” is busy irrigating the thirsty trees, which are now forming buds for next year’s fruit and the “packaging crew” is filling boxes with Fall fruit.

The Warren pears are my personal favorite. They are sweet and lack the gritty texture of a traditional pear. This year’s crop, as you may have heard already, isrecord-breaking. Alongwith the Warrens, we’re also shipping our Asian pears and Fuji apples this week. So expect some of our tastiest fall fruit in your mixed boxes.

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