Frog Hollow Farm Has Record Crop of Organic Warren Pears in 2013

Frog Hollow Farm Has Record Crop of Organic Warren Pears in 2013

This year at Frog Hollow Farm we have a record crop of our organic Warren pears. So much so that we had to rush out and buy 180 bins to pick into because we didn't have enough on hand! And still, as hard as we tried to get them all picked and into bins for cold storage, we lost 20% of the crop onto the ground because we had too many bases to cover.

This August, we had ripe Cal Reds, ripe plums, pluots and nectarines all of which needed to get off the tress and into homes asap! So, the Warrens had to wait. But you know the age old saying, “Good things come to Those Who Wait”…

Many of you are familiar with our Warren Pears, but for the uninitiated who believe they don't like our pears, all I would say is, "...only because you haven’t tasted our Warren’s!" Most of the pear varieties you can buy in the stores are “gritty” in texture and flat in taste. I know you’re all thinking, “here they go again” and yes, again - “Ours are different!” Yes, I said it. Again. And they are!

The Warren Pear is smooth and buttery in its texture and lend delicate pear flavor in each bite. They've made Oprah’s Favorite list, so that tells you something about the quality. They should start shipping mid-September.

Have you all noticed the changes in the air? The shadows are longer, the afternoon light has taken on a more golden hue, the days are shorter. Fall is just around the corner. For most of you your schedules have returned to “normal” with kids heading back to school (some of you parents are thankful) the days of swimming, running barefoot, camping in the back yard and mid week sleep overs are coming to a close.

With the pear harvest ending the pace on the farm shifts too. We don’t stop until they are all sold, usually after Christmas, but the chaotic pace of summer is slowing and becoming more humane. I love Fall.

Author: Sarah Coddington, Co-Owner, Frog Hollow Farm

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