What Does Fruit Royalty Taste Like? Try Our Organic Flavor King Pluots


There's a lot of buzz on the farm this week and no, it's not just the native bees making all this noise. We're gearing up to prepare for the King's arrival. 

We've been informed by Farmer Al that the King of Pluots should be ready to pick next week, weather permitting. Yes, you read that right! Our Flavor King pluots are ripening early, like most of our summer harvest this year. 

For the uninitiated, Flavor King is a dark-skinned pluot with red flesh and has an intense, rich flavor combined with sweet, spicy tones that are reminiscent of the Santa Rosa plum. It is also Farmer Al's favorite pluot because it offers a nice acid bite and firm texture that softens beautifully as the fruit continues to ripen. It's amazing to eat out of hand and equally good for baking. 

We're accepting pre-orders. So order now to experience what fruit royalty tastes like!

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