Frog Hollow Farm Introduces Organic & Fresh Referral Club

Frog Hollow Farm Introduces Organic & Fresh Referral Club

Become a Part of our Organic & Fresh Referral Club

Get a $10 Credit for Both You & Your Friend when you refer them to a Frog Hollow Farm Fruit Club. 

There's always something new going on at Frog Hollow Farm.
This week, we're launching our "Organic & Fresh Referral Club."


What is the Organic & Fresh Referral Club (OFRC)?
Frog Hollow Farm's 'Organic & Fresh Referral Club' is a unique way for our small, family-owned organic farm to express our gratitude to our existing customers for referring their friends and family members. Starting January 13, 2015, when a customer places their first order * for any of our organic fruit clubs upon referral from an existing Frog Hollow Farm customer, then both the referrer and the referee will receive a $10 credit that may be redeemed on our website,, only.
How Does OFRC Work?
We know you love ordering from Frog Hollow Farm. So why not recommend a Frog Hollow Farm fruit club to your friends, relatives, colleagues, employees (or just about any one who shares your love for great-tasting, certified organic fresh fruits)? When they sign up for a fruit club membership from Frog Hollow Farm, both you and your referee will receive a $10 credit with Frog Hollow Farm. The value of the credit is valid for 1-year from the date the new subscription is paid for! To make sure you never miss a credit for a referral, please be sure to have your friends enter your name in the "Special Instructions" section at checkout as shown below:


  1. This promotion applies to qualified orders placed on or after Jan. 13, 2015 only.
  2. To qualify, an order should include the name of the referrer as shown in the box above.
  3. To qualify, an order has to be placed for a multiple shipment fruit club. To see qualifying products, visit:
  4. Membership to Frog Hollow Farm's OFRC is valid on orders for new fruit club referrals only and may not be applied to any orders placed before the inception of our referral program.
  5. All claims of referral for fruit club orders placed before Jan. 13, 2015 will not honored. 
  6. To claim your referral, or for any questions re: OFRC, please call 888.779.4511 (ext. 1).
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