The Best Fruit Cake You Will Ever Eat

The Best Fruit Cake You Will Ever Eat

Chef Becky first started working on her own fruit cake recipe nearly 11 years ago. Her motivation? An abundance of Frog Hollow Farm's sweet, sun-dried fruit and the nagging unpleasant memories of bright green-colored, candied "whatever-it-was" fruit cake from her childhood. "Every year we’d get a fruitcake at Christmas time – sent from some well-meaning relative. I would look at it and wonder, why," says Chef Becky in her blog post. Her final product has become a Holiday-time favorite among customers since it was first introduced 10 years ago.

Frog Hollow Farm fruit cake is traditional in that it has plenty of alcohol, dark Rum in this case and are best after we have allowed them to sit for three weeks to a month in our kitchen before being sold. Otherwise the cakes are too “hot” with rum that will overpower the flavor and make the texture a little boggy. Becky always wanted to keep the cake small because "a little goes a long way" and the cake is still very rich. Frog Hollow Farm's fruit cake is made with our own sulfur-free dried peaches, dried cherries and candied orange peels (made in our farm kitchen). The fruit and walnuts are soaked in rum over night before making these cakes. Then, the leftover rum from the macerated fruits is added to a batter and is sprinkled over the cakes as they come out of the oven. When cool, they are wrapped in cheesecloth that has been soaked in rum. Yes - lots of rum in those cakes.

Chef Becky recommends pairing the cake with a cuppa coffee and a slice of Warren pear. Divine!

If you remember the fruit cake from years gone by, then we know you're a fan already. But if you're new to Frog Hollow Farm, then this is a fine piece of cake you will fall in love with at the very first bite.

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