Some of our most popular summer fruits are the legendary plums and pluots we grow at Frog Hollow Farm. Our season begins with a dark, sweet-tart Santa Rosa plum and ends with the big, sweet Emerald Beaut plum. However, it is the Frog Hollow pluots that steal the show. A cross between plums and apricots, the pluot is quickly becoming one of the best known hybrid fruits available today. We grow five varieties of pluots and our typical harvest runs from late June to September.

Variety Description
Santa Rosa Santa Rosa plums are something special, famous for their beautiful dark skin and yellow flesh.
This is a sweet and juicy plum, with a bit of tartness in the skin that balances out the flesh.
Red-skinned with a purple bloom, the Santa Rosa's amber flesh gets flushed with red as it ripens.
It is typically available late June to early July.
Dapple Dandy Dapple Dandy pluots are sweet and tart and have a crisp, refreshing bite. 
Playfully called the "dinosaur egg" pluot, the Dapple Dandy has marbled pink and green skin
over white flesh threaded with rose.
Kids especially love this pluot for its distinctive coloration and the lack of tartness in the skin.
The Dapple Dandy hangs on the tree much longer than other pluots - it will literally not fall,
Farmer Al says. That means it just gets better!
Flavor King The best and most popular pluot we grow! A dark-skinned pluot with red flesh, it has an intense rich flavor
combined with sweet, spicy tones that are reminiscent of the Santa Rosa plum.
The Flavor King is amazing out of hand and equally good for baking, with its nice acid bite and a firm
texture that softens beautifully as the fruit continues to ripen.
Flavor Kings are available in peak harvest season,
early to mid-August.
Flavor Heart The Flavor Heart gets its name from its distinctively tapered shape. Its meaty, pale yellow flesh is very low in acid and
the sweetness and color contrasts strikingly with its dark purple almost black skin.
The Flavor Heart is quickly becoming a favorite amongst our pluot fans.
Flavor Hearts are available early to mid-August.
Emerald Beaut The Emerald Beaut is a big green plum that turns golden with a hint of a blush.
It starts sweet and just gets sweeter without losing texture as it ages.
A freestone plum, the Emerald Beaut has a firmer texture than the Santa Rosa with a crisp, near crunchy mouthfeel.
Emerald Beauts are available mid to late September.
Flavor Fall &
Flavor Treat
These large, late-season pluots are similar in both taste and texture.
They're reddish-purple over tender, yellow flesh that's extremely juicy.
One of our last stone-fruits of the season,
the Flavor Fall and Flavor Treat are a welcome reminder of the height of summer.
The Flavor Fall and Flavor Treat are available late September to mid-October.


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