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One of the joys of summer is eating a sweet peach that’s so juicy it drips down your chin. Farmer Al started Frog Hollow Farm with a peach orchard in 1976, and this delightful fruit has been our centerpiece ever since. We leave our peaches on the tree longer than most growers, allowing the fruit to build maximum sweetness and flavor. 

Yellow or white, clingstone or freestone, firm or soft, our peaches harken back to the full and nuanced flavors of yesteryear. We grow more than 20 kinds of peaches, from the rockstar Cal Red and O'Henry varieties to lesser-known gems such as Princess Time, Opal White, and Autumn Flame. 

Peaches are versatile, excellent for baking, grilling, slicing into salads, and of course they are simply wonderful when eaten out-of-hand. Explore Frog Hollow’s variety of peaches and order your box now!

Variety Description
Galaxy White

The Galaxy White is an intensely sweet, donut-shaped white peach. 
Also called a “donut peach,” this freestone fruit is the first peach of summer.
This peach is easy to love, excellent for eating out-of-hand, grilling, or slicing into your favorite summer dishes.

Princess Time Our first of the season yellow peach variety. The Princess Time Peach features full dark red skin color and is large in size.
The yellow clingstone flesh is very firm, but melting, with an exceptional acid to sweet balance. Best eaten out of your hand.
Crimson Lady The Crimson Lady is one of the first varieties off the tree.
It has a firm texture that is more springy than meltingly juicy.
Where some palates may find it less desirable for eating out of hand, when dried it is uniquely chewy and delicious.
Crimson Lady peaches are available mid to late June.
Gold Dust The Gold Dust is one of our favorites and the first outstanding peach of the season for eating out of hand.
An heirloom clingstone variety, it is low in acid and smaller than most of our peaches.
Its juicy, melting texture and sweetness can hardly be beaten. Gold Dusts are available mid to late June.
Rich Lady One of our early summer peaches, the Rich Lady overlaps with the harvest of our Suncrest peaches.
Living in the shadow of an heirloom variety is tough, but the Rich Lady holds its own with less of the Suncrest's tanginess
and a bold blush.
Flavorcrest A classic California peach, the Flavorcrest has a beautiful crimson red blush over bold yellow skin.
Its a well-known peach whose bold sweetness make it the third most widely planted fresh-market peach in California.
Flavorcrests at Frog Hollow enjoy more time on the branch to fully develop their distinctive sweetness.
Flavorcrests are available late June to early July.
Red Top The big, bold Red Top lives up to its name and is almost fully blushed red over yellow.
One of the first freestone varieties of the season, its flesh is consistently firm and sweet.
With its unique coloration and ease of slicing, the Red Top is especially well-suited for presentation.
Red Tops are available early July.
Suncrest The Suncrest is a big, memorable freestone yellow peach whose firm but juicy flesh provides a real eat-over-the-sink experience.
Gently tapered, it has hardly any blush to speak of on its rich yellow skin.
Growers shy away from the Suncrest because it is fragile and bruises easily when picked.
But as many of our customers know, a picking bruise means the fruit is truly tree-ripened and extra delicious.
Suncrests are available early to mid-July.
Zee Rich A newly producing variety at Frog Hollow, with the right weather,
the Rich Zee has been known to beat our cherries off the tree in mid-May!
The Rich Zee is an excellent early variety to whet the appetite for summer peaches.
Smaller than later varieties and is more of a 'water' peach than a 'sugar' peach, but a big crowd pleaser at the farmer's markets.
It has a strong fragrance, a gentle flavor, and tender, juicy flesh.
Rich Zee peaches are available mid to late May.
Elegant Lady Elegant Lady peaches are well named with a beautiful balance of sweet and acid along with a brilliant red color.
These firm, round, freestone peaches are perfect grilled and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Zee Lady Renowned horticulturist Floyd Zaiger is responsible for many of our favorite varieties, and the Zee Lady is another Zaiger gem.
The Zee Lady is a good sized peach that's a real beauty, with a vibrant red blush dusted over a warm golden skin.
Another freestone, the Zee Lady's juicy flesh is as great for baking as it is eating out of hand.
Zee Lady peaches are available mid to late July.
Summer Lady The Summer Lady is a variety that developed naturally in a commercial orchard in Fresno and was discovered in 1982.
An early-ripening variant of the O'Henry, it is similarly well-balanced and aromatic.
Slightly more round and uniform than its O'Henry parentage, the Summer Lady has deep burgundy streaks at maturity and
delights our tastebuds almost a full two weeks earlier.
Summer Lady peaches are available in late July.
Opal White The Opal White is one of the few white peaches we grow, and it is a delight.
This beautiful peach is sweet with a hint of vanilla, very low in acid, with a delicate pink blush to its skin.
Opal peaches are available in late July to early August.
O'Henry Our customers wait all year for this big, juicy, yellow freestone peach.
Its classic peach flavor and heart shape make it one of our most popular fruits of the year.
It is wonderful for eating out-of-hand, slicing into salads or ice cream, and is our favorite peach to grill.
The O’Henry is the major rival to our other super-peach, the famous Cal Red. You don’t want to miss this special peach!
August Lady Another late maturing freestone, the August Lady has a rich red color and crisp flesh.
A descendant of the Summer Lady, August Lady doesn't much resemble its O'Henry ancestry and has its own unique qualities.
With a short harvest, it's a joy to eat side by side with our other August varieties.
August Lady peaches are available in mid-August.
Autumn Flame While our late-season Summerset has more of a nectarine tang to it,
the Autumn Flame brings the peach harvest to a close with a truly nostalgic peach sweetness.
The Autumn Flame is naturally more firm but softens beautifully if aged properly on the kitchen counter.
It becomes almost as meltingly soft as a Gold Dust if left to enjoy until the skin begins to wrinkle slightly.
Autumn Flame peaches are available in early to late September.
Cal Red The Cal Red is Farmer Al’s favorite peach – and that’s saying something!
It is the ultimate “Oh My God” sweet and juicy yellow peach.
With sumptuous golden flesh and a gentle, sun-kissed blush on its skin, the Cal Red is a freestone peach and only available
for two to three short weeks in August.
Don’t miss this pinnacle peach of summertime sweetness.
Summerset The Summerset matures into a very large peach, some weighing in at more than two pounds! 
Bright yellow with hardly any blush to speak of, 
the Summerset is a freestone that boasts a bold flesh that has a strong peach flavor.
Sweet and juicy but with a tart, acidic bite, it makes for a nice contrast as a follow-up to the extremely sweet Cal Red.
The Summerset has a nice firm texture that freezes well and is a favorite of ours to bake with.
Summerset peaches are available in late August to early September.


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