Our commitment regenerative agriculture extends to our commitment to packaging transparency and sustainability. We always encourage our customers to recycle our packaging.

Cardboard Boxes

Our recycled cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, and manufactured using 90% solar power.

Ice Packs

If your order requires ice-packs, they're made with non- toxic, biodegradable gel refrigerants. The gel is 98% water and 2% Non-GMO cotton. The ice packs are reusable. If you do want to recycle it, the outer bag can be recycled. Cut open to remove the gel. Gel can be disposed of down the drain with hot water to dissolve it.

PET Liner

If your order requires insulation, it's made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic. It's curbside recyclable along with your other plastic trash.

Find us and other brands committed to packaging sustainability on slashpackaging.org.

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