Q. How do the Pre-Orders work?
Pre-orders can be placed for many of our varieties all year round before harvest season. Placing a pre-order for a fruit variety guarantees that, weather and circumstances permitting, we will put you on a list to receive the fruit as soon as it is available to ship. The pre-order price includes the shipping cost, so we do not have to charge you a separate fee before sending it to you.

Due to the nature of organic farming and the possibility of unforeseen challenges, pre-orders are subject to availability. We will notify you promptly if your order still needs to be fulfilled.

Q. How does the Fruit Club work? 
Based on seasonality and availability, the order will ship when the fruit is ripe. What’s great about the Fruit Club is that you can pre-order a set amount of shipments and choose from various options based on what’s in season, how often you want to receive shipments, and how much fruit you need. If you need to hold the shipment, don't hesitate to contact the Customer Care Team for assistance.

Q: I gifted a Fruit Club to my friend. How will they know when the first shipment will arrive? 
If you gifted a Fruit Club, we recommend sending us your recipient’s email address to ensure we update all future orders and that they receive tracking information moving forward. 

If you do not have an email address, we can call your recipient and get the information for them. 

Q: When will I know my Pre-Order fruit is shipping? 
Because we can’t predict exact harvest dates, we provide a general start date shipping window for fruit clubs and single-order pre-order fruits. We will reach out to you a few days in advance of your first shipment. If you know you’re going on vacation, please email us your dates as soon as possible. If you are traveling and want your order shipped to an alternate address to what we have on file, please let us know where to direct your shipment. When your fruit ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking information. 

Q: I have Multiple Pre-Orders / Fruit Clubs. How will they ship? If you have multiple fruit clubs and/or single varietal pre-orders and do not want them to ship together, please contact us at info@froghollow.com to help coordinate your deliveries. If we still await your reply, you may receive two or more deliveries in the same week. 

Here are approximate ship windows and cadence for our Fruit Clubs: 

Gotta Have My Cherries
Typically ships early to mid-May, depending on the season to ensure you get different varieties, this program ships staggered and will ship based on variety availability until deliveries have been completed. 

Gotta Have My Apricots
Ships start mid-May. To ensure you get different varieties, this program ships staggered and will ship based on variety availability until deliveries have been completed. 

Gotta Have My Peaches
Ships start mid-June and will ship weekly until deliveries have been completed. 

Pick of the Crop
Ships when we have two types of stone fruit available, typically in mid-June. It will ship weekly until deliveries have been completed, typically in mid-September. 

Need My Nectarines
Ships in late June and is weekly until deliveries have been completed. 

Battle of the Peaches 
The first shipment will be in late July with O’Henry peaches, the second in August with O’Henry and Cal Reds, and the third in mid-August with Cal Reds. Exact ship dates are dependent on varietal ripening windows. 

Gotta Have My Plums and Pluots
To ensure you receive different varieties, this program ships staggered. The first delivery will be our Santa Rosa plums, which typically ship in early June. Deliveries of two and three of our pluot varieties will ship throughout the season based on availability and seasonality, typically in July and August. This program concludes with our Emerald Beaut plums, which tend to ship in late August / late September. 

Frog Hollow Favorites
This program ships throughout the summer season, typically late June to late September, to ensure you receive all the fruit listed. 

Do you offer monthly programs for the entire year? 
Yes. We offer a few monthly clubs and subscription-based programs that last all year long.

Monthly Cornucopia of California - Organic Fruit Club
Ships the second week of the month. 

Monthly Olive Oil Delivery - California’s Finest Olive Oil Club
Ships the second week of the month. 

Seasonal Care Package
Ships the second week of each Season (late September / early October, late December / early January, Late June/Early July. Your first delivery of the Seasonal Care Package will ship as soon as you place your order and include the season’s fruits. Every subsequent delivery will follow the seasonal schedule above. 

Weekly Farm Box
Ships weekly.