Cherries are a symbol of happiness, sweetness, and goodness: just think “Life is a bowl of cherries,” or “the cherry on top.” This iconic fruit marks the beginning of our stone fruit season, and they are here and gone in the blink of an eye. 

We grow five different cherry varieties at Frog Hollow Farm. Our harvest begins with Royal Tiogas in May, followed by Farmer Al's favorite: Brooks cherries. Sweet, white-fleshed Rainier cherries are next to ripen, and soon after comes everyone's favorite - the Bing. Our long-stemmed Stella cherries are the last to ripen and they end our brief but very yummy cherry season on a sweet note.

Variety Description
Royal Tioga The season's first cherry variety, Royal Tioga cherries are very sweet with good acid levels. They resemble the Bing with a balanced sweetness in their dark, rich flesh. They are available in May or early June.
Brooks The Brooks are our second cherries off the tree and have been featured in Alice Waters' famous copper fruit bowl. The variety was developed at U.C. Davis in the 1980s and doesn't sacrifice taste, color, or texture for its early arrival. They resemble the Bing with a more balanced sweetness in their dark, rich flesh. Brooks are available mid-May to early June.
Rainier The Rainier is the only white cherry we grow. A cross between Bing and Van cherries, Rainiers are plump and delicious. Their extremely sweet creamy flesh can be more fragile than the dark cherries. Rainiers are typically available in late May to mid-June.
Bing Farmer Al likes to say, "Bing is King!" The Bing is our most popular cherry. It is the sweetest, juiciest variety, with a delightfully crisp firmness to its deep red flesh. It is no wonder the Bing is the most popular and commonly grown cherry in California. Bings are typically available in late May to late June.
Stella Stella cherries are dark almost to the point of being black and slightly smaller than the big, bold Bing. The final cherry of a brief season, our limited Stella crop is mostly easily found at our farmers markets. Stellas are typically available in mid to late June.