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Frozen Pakistan Mulberries

Quantity: 3 pack - ships frozen

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Our Pakistan mulberries, considered a superfood due to their high antioxidant content, have an aromatic flavor reminiscent of blackberry or boysenberry with a more earthy sweetness. Highly delicate and perishable, our mulberries are frozen immediately after harvest. Freezing does not dilute their flavor so you can enjoy this unique fruit from anywhere in the US.  Due to their high sugar content, mulberries don’t clump like other frozen fruits, so you can enjoy each berry on its own. Excellent straight out of the bag for a cool snack during the summer heat, amazing for baking and cooking, or perfect in your superfood smoothie.  Because of these fruits' high sugar content, they will not freeze rock hard as other frozen fruits you may be accustomed to. You can also find our fresh mulberries at our Bay Area Farmer’s Markets, through our CSA program, and at select Bay Area retailers.


  • 3 x 10 ounce bags - frozen
  • 6 x 10 ounce bags - frozen 


Fruit:   Mulberry
Variety:  Pakistan
Farm:  Frog Hollow Farm
From: Brentwood, CA

What Are They?  Mulberries grow on trees, so botanically speaking they are not classified as a berry. They are considered a multiple fruit, a fruit that develops from many tiny flowers. However, they share the fragility, high flavor, and nutritional excellence characteristic of cane fruits. 

Origins/History: Mulberries have been cultivated and cherished for thousands of years. There are three primary cultivars, white, red, and black, each with its own history. 

The cultivation of the white mulberry was instrumental in building China’s silk trade. ​​According to legend, over 5,000 years ago, princess Xi Lingshi discovered that a cocoon could be unraveled to produce a thread when one dropped into her tea while sitting under a mulberry tree. The black mulberry is thought to have originated in the mountainous regions of Persia and Mesopotamia. Ancient civilizations cultivated the trees for their sweet and succulent fruits. Mulberries were brought to Britain by the Romans and were used for medicinal purposes. It wasn’t until the Tudor era that mulberries were coveted across Europe for their fruit. The red mulberry is native to North America and was used by indigenous people for medicine and was baked into bread and cakes. 

Despite these fruits’ ancient history, you’d be hard-pressed to find them at the grocery store or even a farmer’s market due to their extremely delicate nature. We are among the first commercial growers to bring fresh mulberries to the market in the United States. You can find our fresh mulberries at our Bay Area Farmer’s Markets, through our CSA program, and at select Bay Area retailers. 

Nutritional Value: High in many vitamins and minerals especially vitamin c and iron

Customer Reviews

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We love them

They are delicious!!

Ann Earley

What a great surprise to have such perfect mulberries arrive frozen! They were much better than the ones we had picked in past years. Big, juicy, and sweet. Definitely will buy them again next season

Grace Hou

Love them. Better than when I got them fresh couple years ago. They don’t ship well to Az fresh. Frozen much better. Eating the whole bag at a time

Shelley Brodecki


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