Meet Frog Hollow's Farmer’s Market Team Leader, Polo Lopez

Meet Frog Hollow's Farmer’s Market Team Leader, Polo Lopez


Do you ever spot Frog Hollow at the farmer’s market and head over for a treat? If so, then you very well, may have met Polo! Polo is our Farmer’s Market Team Leader.

Polo grew up in Jalisco, Mexico and he’s been in the U.S. for 27 years. He and his wife live here on the farm. She works with the mentally disabled adults in Oakley. Polo is blessed with a young daughter who is attending university in Merced, Ca.

Polo has been working with Frog Hollow for a whopping 16 years and it’s been a family affair. He found out about us through his brother who was working for Frog Hollow at the time. Polo started out picking fruit in our orchard. After 5 year of working in the orchard, Polo moved in the packing shed, and eventually started working the Saturday farmer’s market in the Ferry Building. Since then, it’s been 8 years and he’s steadily taken on more and more markets.

He’s now out to market everyday of the work week. During that time, both his daughter and his mother have also worked for the farm. Clearly the Lopez family has a special place in our hearts.

According to Polo the best part of his job is being out at the farmer’s market. He loves meeting new people and enjoying the sights, smells and, of course, tastes of the market. He and other folks on the farmer’s market crew are addicted to Flacos’ vegetarian mexican food.

When Polo is not out to market, he loves to take his wife out to eat, head to Vegas for a little vacation or tinker around with electronics. A few months ago, Polo discovered a new passion for fixing broken smart phones, since then he’s fixed the phones of several other employees.

When he’s not fixing phones, he’s working on the house he owns in Oakley. Like everyone else at Frog Hollow, he’s a busy man!

So next time you’re out to market keep your eyes out for Polo and make sure to say “Hello!”

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