Are You Giving the Same Old Gifts Again This Year? Stop! Re-think what you're about to do!

Are You Giving the Same Old Gifts Again This Year? Stop! Re-think what you're about to do!
Shopping for a Holiday gift that’s perfect for everyone on your list? 
How about healthy, juicy and remarkably sweet pears? Because Candy & Sugar-coated Nuts as Holiday Gifts Are Passé!


Dear Fellow Fruit-Lover, 

We’ve always associated the Holiday season as being that time of the year when one puts good health on the back burner to indulge in gastronomical pleasures; we give in to sweet-tooth cravings and pack on the calories. That’s why our homes have traditionally been stocked up with candied fruits, sugar-coated nuts and heaps of chocolate, often sent by well-meaning friends, family members and/or business associates, as part of the Holiday season festivities. 

But how about switching it up this year? How about turning tradition on its head and sending 
healthy, juicy and remarkably sweet pears from Frog Hollow Farm as gifts — not just because they are in season, but because they’re among the best pears you’ve ever eaten.

A delicious Warren is every fruit-lover’s dream. The skin of this pear not only lacks the typical grittiness of pears but also it’s packed with nutrients. When you bite into the pear, take a moment to relish the smooth, creamy and juicy texture of the Warren’s flesh. It’s delightfully versatile and works well in salads, pastries, cakes, sorbets, ice-creams, and my favorite – paired with cheese and a good dessert wine. These pears are also great for roasting or grilling and come alive when paired with pork and chicken. That’s why they have found a place of pride in the kitchens of renowned chefs in San Francisco & Los Angeles. <<<Shop Now>>>

The Golden Russet Bosc pears also have a very high Brix reading (sugar content). In fact, they are as sweet as the Warrens. They are crunchy and can be eaten like an apple, skin et al. Our Golden Russet Boscs are true to their name with a solid gold color which looks great in a fruit bowl with other winter fruits. <<<Shop Now>>>

Our Taylor’s Gold pear is a true Comice pear, with all of the famous Comice sweetness, juicy texture and complex flavors. The only difference is the russeting on the skin of a Taylor’s Gold pear, which gives its skin an autumnal robe of coppery freckles. <<Shop Now>>>

Organically yours,

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