About Biointensive Farming

There are lots of folks busily working towards a more sustainable farm future. One of my friends from the 501c3 nonprofit Ecology Action is one of those folks. He sent me some information so that I could better understand the Grow Biointensive sustainable farming practices. He has tested his practices with farmers in 143 countries and has the research and journal articles to boot.


This method creates food security and provides more food, water, and soil for the planet. This is increasingly important as, according to their report, 870 million people do not have enough to eat, 70-90% of water withdrawals are from conventional farming practices, and 12 million hectares of agricultural land are being destroyed by farming practices that are unhealthy for the soil.

Their proposed solution is built off of 42 years of research and "yields 100% to 600% compared with other production methods...uses up to 66% less water per pound of food produced compared with conventional food production methods...and produces an inch of topsoil 60 times faster than nature in as little as 8.5 years.”

Check out the Grow Biointensive Studies.

- Farmer Al

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