Organic Hosui Asian Pears

Asian pears or Nashi are also known as Apple Pears. They have a refreshing crunch reminiscent of an apple, but are genetically true pears. They're very juicy and our Farm to Table Cafe in the San Francisco Ferry Building regularly offers Asian Pear juice on its Fall and Winter menu.

The Hosui is popular in both Japan and in California. Hosuis have a rougher, thicker skin than the other Asian pear varieties we grow. They have a flesh that while still crunchy has a more melting mouthful, making the texture combination when eaten out of hand spectacular. Very sweet with a mild pear taste, their round shape and beautiful golden hue make them ideal for presentation with a distinctively Autumnal feel. Hosui is harvested in late August to mid-September and are available often until late October or early November.

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  • Organic Hosui Asian Pears
  • Organic Hosui Asian Pears
  • Organic Hosui Asian Pears
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