It's Earth Day today and at Frog Hollow Farm we're participating in NASA's "Global Selfie" event, which is designed to encourage environmental awareness and "recognize the agency's ongoing work to protect the home planet," according to a press release. So here's our #GlobalSelfie in our local, sustainable environment to celebrate Earth Day.

Sustainability is an important value that Farmer Al has embraced since choosing to go organic in 1989. We steward our land with care and believe in treading lightly, so not only is the world a better, healthier place, but your neighbors and family are, too.

To find out more about how you can participate in NASA's Global Selfie event, visit:

Fruit Club Favorites for Mom

Legendary sweet Frog Hollow Farm fruit clubs for Mother's Day!

We're mid-way through April, which reminds me that stone fruit is only a month away. As I mentioned in my earlier e-mail, I am expecting our harvest to begin around May 10. That's when the apricots should be coming in and that also happens to be the weekend of Mother's Day.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be close to mom to spend the day with her and we know that "mom understands," but I can tell you for sure that there's no better way to make up for the distance than with our Summer Sampler program. With this gift, she can sit back and enjoy a sampling of our legendary sweet, tree-ripened organic fruits.

At Frog Hollow Farm, we grow over six different varieties of apricots, four different types of cherries, at least 13 peach varieties, 10 nectarine types, five different plums and pluots and several Asian and European pears.

With this program, your mom will receive six shipments of the best varieties of each fruit type. As our crops of cherries, apricots, peaches, plums or pluots, nectarines, and pears ripen, we will hand-pick the best variety of each crop to bring to her table, fresh from the orchard, including our New York Times worthy Cal Red peaches and our signature Flavor King pluots

Select a 3lb or 6lb box now and we will send your mom a gift card in the mail in time for Mother's Day to notify her about the six fruit shipments she should expect through the end of Summer. 

But if your mom has a favorite stone fruit, then pick a different program from all our fresh fruit programs online. You may view the entire selection at:

And when you get that call from mom to say "thank you" for your amazing gift of fruits, drop me a line in an e-mail and let me know. I will be waiting...

Organically yours, 

Before working at Frog Hollow Farm, I was a Farmers’ Market Chef, teaching people how to prepare dishes that could be made in 15 to 20 minutes. My co-chef and I would travel to at least three Farmers’ Markets a week, setting up and taking down our temporary kitchen. Since we were always on the move we traveled light, which meant very basic cooking appliances. Most of our dishes were either prepared on a stove top, cast iron grill, or in a mixing bowl. All were made to be eaten instantly.

Now that I am with Frog Hollow the game has changed. While I am still working with delicious Farm fresh produce, the recipes I create for farm products need to be able to hold up in shipping, and stand a shelf life. For the past couple months I have been trying to find a balance between fresh and long lasting.

While working at the Farmers’ Markets I learned that if you use simple and good quality ingredients your food will most often turn out delicious. I wanted to apply this theory with baking and develop a tasty yet simple treat that could be shipped to people across the country.  Taking into consideration the need for a gluten free item, I thought I would challenge myself to make a flourless cookie. After doing some research I was very inspired by Amaretties. An Amaretti is an Italian almond macaroon that is typically crisp on the outside and soft in the middle.

Our Amaretti cookies showcase the legendary flavors of Frog Hollow Farm, with aromas of lemon and the flavors of dried apricot and almond. They pair wonderfully with tea or coffee and are a perfect flourless dessert option for Passover.

Try them on their own, or enjoy them with our bacci di damas and our cherry chocolate chip cookies, in our cookie trio gift set.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is definitely the case at Frog Hollow Farm. Here, the necessity is to not let hundreds of thousands of pounds of fruit go to waste. This fruit is perfectly good but cannot withstand the rigor of retail or wholesale sales, due to it being too ripe or cosmetically imperfect.

About 5 years ago, we decided that we would try our hand at pureeing our off-grade fruit. We sent it to a processor, who took our fresh fruit, peeled it, pureed it and froze it. We created some great products with our frozen purees. By far the best was the scuffin.  

We worked with a jam maker who took 20,000 lbs of puree (much more than our kitchen could handle) and made a jam (more like a thick sauce) out of the nectarine and peach purees. This jam is different from our conserves that we make here on the farm — it is smooth, as it is made from pureed fruits, and has higher sugar content than our conserves. From these jams, the “scuffin” was born. 

The scuffin has an arid crumb-like texture of a scone but has the shape of, and is made in, a muffin tin. It was an instant hit at our Ferry Building café. It is very satisfying — not too sweet — and very filling. The flax seed meal gives it those dark flecks and a nutty flavor, which pairs so well with the jam.  

We made two versions originally — an apricot filled version and another with peach jam, which goes well with the cardamom in the scuffin batter itself. We have long since used up the apricot and nectarine  jams, but fortunately, our conserves work beautifully in the scuffins; the chunks of fruit in the conserves keep the dough from becoming soggy and are a congenial partner in flavor and texture with the scuffin dough.  

So while the puree is gone and so are the jams, the scuffin remains! It was recently featured in The New York Times among the "most promising" combination food items available. [Read: Scuffins among The New York Times' 'Most Promising' Combination Foods]

- Authored by: Chef Becky

Frog Hollow Farm scuffins were featured among The New York Times' 'most promising' combination foods. The article, titled, "A Real Treat or Half-Baked?" talks about the trend of combination foods. 

Scuffins: So what's all the hype about?

Scuffins make for a hearty snack and a delicious, out of the ordinary dessert. Our scuffins are more dense than muffins and are filled with a gooey conserve at their center. Children and teens especially love the unusual combination of textures and flavors in each bite. It's a cool, fun companion for any occasion. 


I hope you're doing well. I am writing to you from Frog Hollow Farm. I am one of the co-owners here and being a woman, who has worked in the male dominated world of agriculture for 30 years, I am proud and happy to say we, at Frog Hollow Farm, have done our part to bring young women, mothers, grandmothers and sisters into a man’s world.

Each of the women you see in this photo has brought their own energy and vision of what it means to be a working member of her family and a part of our team at Frog Hollow Farm. Their talents are varied and they come from different places around the world. 

International Women's DayWe stand together as women showing our support and respect for each other and what we bring to the table as individuals in the field of agriculture. We are not only surrounded by each other, but also by the beauty of our Mother Earth; as diverse in Her nature as we all are in ours! 

As part of our International Women's Day celebration (March 8, 2014) at Frog Hollow Farm, we would like to offer you 10% off all products featured on at all through March, 2014. 

So go on and surprise the special women in your life! The smile you bring to their faces will be priceless.

If you're a woman reading my e-mail, celebrate our special day by treating yourself to goodies from the farm. You deserve nothing short of the best!

Organically yours, 
(Co-owner, Frog Hollow Farm)
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February is American Heart Month. Come celebrate with us by taking a look at a few heart healthy goodies!
Our Olive Oil is the perfect place to start. Rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is a great way to help bolster your heart health. The benefits of olive oil are endless, discover a few for yourself!
It was this health consciousness that helped Farmer Al plant approximately 400 olive trees scattered throughout our 140 acres. As soon as you taste it, you’ll notice the green (almost grassy) flavor with a slight bite at the end; a nice addition to any culinary creation you can think of!
Looking for a few other healthy options? How about a vitamin C-filled mixed citrus box? They make an amazing juice and a wonderful snack. If you're looking for something else to go with them then try a few slices of our unsulfured sun-dried organic Dried Fruit. Low in sugar with no additives these little pieces of summer make a great on the go snack.

Cutting back on sugar is also a good way to make your heart healthy. Instead of a few spoonful's of sugar in your tea, try adding a teaspoon of Honey. Honey will help satisfy that sweet tooth while boosting your immune system at the same time. Our honey is also special because it is made right here by our very own bees! The honey is raw, alive, and comes straight from the crushed combs without any cooking or heating to kill enzymes or destroy flavor.


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