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Ah, the persimmon. So lovely with its smooth, bright peel, yet so tricky to decipher. When is it ripe? How do you eat it? What’s the difference between the varieties?

We asked Farmer Al for some tips on how to enjoy Frog Hollow Farm’s persimmons. Farmer Al raises three varieties: Fuyu, Hachiya and Chocolate Hachiya.

Fuyu are stout and shaped like a flying saucer. They have a bright orange peel and flesh. Slice them lengthwise and you’ll reveal their gorgeous star pattern. Fuyu persimmons are not considered a juicy fruit, though they have some juice. Fuyus maintain their solid texture. They slice easily and make an excellent garnish for savory dishes and salads. Farmer Al says you can eat them like an apple if you prefer.

Hachiya persimmons have an attractive teardrop shape and gorgeous orange color. You’ll want to watch them and test their softness—they are ripe when they are slightly soft. Farmer Al says you don’t want them to by mushy—they are best when they are firm-soft. The same is true with Chocolate Hachiya.

We’ll get back to how to eat them in a moment. Chocolate Hachiya is a genetic variation of the Hachiya, and it surprises fruit lovers with its warm, chocolatey flavor. While its peel is orange like other persimmons, the Chocolate Hachiya has a brownish - gold flesh that has raised a few eyebrows. We occasionally receive calls from customers saying their persimmons are rotten because they are brown inside. The brown color is natural—the fruit is fine and not spoiled.

Farmer Al likes to eat Hachiya and Chocolate Hachiya like a bowl of pudding. He scoops out the tender, sweet flesh with a teaspoon.

Whether you’re new to persimmons or a longtime fan, try a box of our delicious varieties today and let the fun begin!

organic warren pears, fruit deliveryFootball season is here! It’s time to plan a game day feast with friends around the television. And while nachos and mini-quiches are great, chances are your friends are ready for something different, something FRESH. This season, add a new twist to your spread with a Warren Pear and Blue Cheese Crostini with Pepper Jelly made with succulent Warren pears from Frog Hollow Farm. The recipe couldn’t be simpler, and the results are delicious and… disappearing.

We look forward to having Warren pears all season long and so can you! Keep your fruit bowl (and party platters) stocked with our Warren Pear Legacy Club that delivers 8 or 12 shipments of beautiful, delicious pears to your door from September to December. Or, try the Warren Pear Legacy (Petite) Club and receive four shipments. You may also order single boxes of 6, 12 or 24 pears. Experience the subline flavor and texture of these epic pears, and be sure to share your game day recipes with us at info(at)froghollow(dot)com.

Chefs love this rare variety featured in Oprah Magazine and Martha Stewart LIVING 

Frog Hollow Farm, the Brentwood, California farm known for its legendary stone fruit, has started shipping thousands of pounds of organic Warren pears to fruit lovers across the United States under its mail order program — Frog Hollow Farm is one of only a few growers to grow this incredible variety that made it onto Oprah Magazine’s Favorite Things List in 2011. Martha Stewart LIVING magazine has also featured Warren pears, and top chefs love to cook with this buttery and succulent variety. Frog Hollow Farm expects to have Warren pears through the end of December. 

About the Warren Pear
The Warren pear is a difficult variety to grow and has never caught on commercially, making it a rare fall treat. Its incredible flavor and texture make it worth the trouble—the Warren has a classic European texture that is very soft and juicy with a silky sweetness. Take a bite and relish the thin skin and smooth flesh that is free of the typical grittiness found in most pear varieties.

Thomas Oscar Warren discovered this variety growing naturally outside a post office in Hattiesburg, MS a number of years ago. Once known as “the Post Office pear,” it has adopted the name of its founder. Frog Hollow Farm is harvesting Warren pears now and they will available by mail order until late December or early January at

Organic Pomegranate Delivery

The pomegranate—a fruit with a crown—has played a role in human history for millennia, and we still love them today. Some of us look forward to indulging in these fruits all year long, while others are just beginning to explore their unique flavors. The big question: How do you know when these gorgeous fruits are ready to eat?

Farmer Al says he looks at the color of the fruit, but the best sign of a ripe pomegranate is a cracked skin. That’s when you know it’s ready. When a few pomegranates on the same tree are showing cracks in the skin, he picks the whole tree. Farmer Al says pomegranates don’t ripen much more once you pick them—they should be ready or very close to ready. While we love them for their bursting sweet seeds, pomegranates also have incredible nutritional properties. The University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center reports that pomegranates are high in polyphenols, which work as antioxidants, reducing oxidation in our bodies and protecting our cells from certain kinds of damage. Experts say these chemicals can also reduce inflammation and may even have anti-aging properties. Pomegranates are a source of folate, potassium and vitamin K, and they are rich in vitamins E, B6, and pantothenic acid. To learn more about pomegranates’ amazing attributes, visit the University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center here:

The challenge with pomegranates is separating the sweet-tart seeds from the white pith. Ask your kids to take the job—it’s super messy and fun! Give them a special “pomegranate-eating t-shirt” to commemorate the season. This shirt is just for the gloriously delicious and messy task of cleaning and eating pomegranates.

Be sure to have them work on a clean surface that is easy to wipe clean. Vibrant red pomegranate juice can stain!

Did you know?
Frog Hollow Farm grows the Wonderful variety—it’s the most popular variety around. Farmer Al is currently experimenting with 19 different pomegranate varieties that should be ready to produce fruit in about three years. Stay tuned!

Our Cal Red harvest is nearly over! Wednesday, 8/12 by 8 a.m. is your last opportunity to order these sweet, delicious peaches — the same variety that made us famous. Cal Reds are something special... a succulent, golden peach that brims with sugar and flavor. If you're an O'Henry peach fan, their season is over, but we do have dried O'Henry peaches available. Drenched in summer sun, dried O'Henry peaches are a chewy, sweet snack that mixes well with nuts and chocolate. Add them to your healthy lunch box today! Our other dried selections — apricots, nectarines, mixed fruit and plums — also make excellent cooking and snacking staples. All of our dried fruit is sulfur-free.

And, if you thought you'd seen the end of plums, think again. Emerald Beaut plums, a glowing and gorgeous green variety, is available for pre-order now. Firm and crunchy, Emerald Beaut is a hardy fruit that just gets sweeter and sweeter. With its green skin that turns golden, Emerald Beaut is a favorite among plum and pluot lovers who relish a crunchy bite. Don't miss this rare treat

Getting ready to send someone off to college, or looking for a way to show you care? Try our Seasonal Care Package Club, a program of four shipments delivered to your recipient in Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Brimming with fresh fruit and treats from our farm kitchen, our care packages make a thoughtful and delicious statement. Delight someone you know today with fruit and snacks from Frog Hollow Farm.    

Bee on apricot blossom at Frog Hollow Farm

Blossoms Are Here! And So Are The Bees...

The surreal sunny days of January just felt so strange and unnatural. It was the first-ever rain less January in San Francisco history. It made us all feel uneasy and “off-balance.”

Though Spring is still officially a little over two weeks away, you wouldn’t know it in the orchard. The trees are putting on their annual show of breathtaking beauty; the air and earth smell of freshness and the grass is a vibrant green. It is hard to capture in words the sense of wonder and joy that walking through thousands of blooming trees brings.

Farmer Al pruning apricot blossom
Now, we get to our normal worries, such as “Will we get any late-season rain? If yes, then how will that affect our apricots?” They are just now beginning to bloom. This is the most vulnerable stage of growth for apricots. At this time of year, I go out to the trees each day to check on them and you'll be happy to know that so far it looks great. So get going on your organic fruit club shopping, if you haven't already. If you've been on the fence about joining our fruit clubs, then here are five reasons that may help you decide.

As we look forward to spring and the promise of sweet, juicy apricots that it holds, I'm indulging myself in some winter-time favorites. The Blood Orange-Strawberry and 'True' Seville Orange marmalade are definitely among them! Spread a generous dollop of marmalade over warm cream scones, fresh from the oven, and liven up even the most dull and dreary winter morning. Enjoy!

Organically yours,

Tourists visiting San Francisco from different parts of the United States (and world) know to make a pit stop at the famous Ferry Building Marketplace on Embarcadero to get a taste (literally) of the city’s vibrant food culture. And in between sipping on gourmet coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee and sampling cheese at Cowgirl Creamery, they experience (for some, the first time in their lives) the true taste of legendary, tree-ripened fruits in Shop # 46 that is home to Frog Hollow Farm to Table Café.

The fruit is grown in our thriving 143-acre farm in the primarily agrarian town of Brentwood that’s about an hour’s drive east of San Francisco. Tourists visiting the Café from all over the United States will often take home some fruit to share their mind-blowing fruit-eating experience with friends and family members. 

Once you have tasted fruit that’s grown the way nature meant for it to be grown – carefully ripened on trees and picked when it’s just ready to eat – it’s not easy to resist the temptation to compare it with all other fruits. To make great-tasting fruit more accessible, at Frog Hollow Farm, we ship our tree-ripened stone fruit including certified organic apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots to customers across the United States.

This fruit may be ordered in individual boxes (when in-season) or you may sign up for our organic fruit clubs that will make sure you don’t miss out on any of the amazing varieties of fruit we grow in the orchard during Spring & Summer. So why sign up for an organic fruit club? Here are our top five reasons:

  1. Never Run Out of a Healthy Snack

When you sign up for a fruit club, you will always have the convenience of grabbing a piece of great-tasting fruit to snack on versus reaching out for other, less-healthy packaged alternatives. Select a fruit club that works best for you and be sure to have a healthy snack option available at all times.

  1. Investment in Good Health

Organic fruits clubs are an investment in your own health; much like the investments you make when you join a gymnasium and hire the best personal trainer to support your fitness objectives and long-term health goals.

  1. Delivered to Your Doorstep

Organic fruit delivery clubs are especially convenient because they support your active lifestyle and busy work schedule. At Frog Hollow Farm, we take the worry out of fruit shopping at a grocery store because we hand-pick all our fruit and after careful inspection and send you only the best pieces of fruit coming in from the orchard.

  1. Better Tasting Fruit Than Your Local Grocery Store

When it comes to taste, there’s no comparing the fruit that you may find at your local grocery store with fruit that is grown sustainably. We know that great tasting fruit can only come from soil that has been well-fed and cared for! With that objective in mind, we nourish our soil with compost that’s made on-site at the farm under the careful supervision of our in-house soil scientist. Each piece of fruit is hand-selected by a member of our expert picking crew that is trained to identify fruit at its optimal ripeness. After picking, each piece is re-examined by our packing team and only fruit that is ripe enough to have great flavor and withstand shipping is sent to our mail order customers.

  1. Support A Farm

When you sign up for an organic fruit delivery club from a farm, you invest in an organic farmer and support the values of sustainability. You know where your food comes from and how it is grown.

Browse our Organic Fruit Delivery Clubs

Sign up for an Organic Fruit Club 

Author: Pearl Driver

Pearl is the Marketing Director at Frog Hollow Farm. She is an e-commerce sales and marketing expert. Before joining Frog Hollow Farm, Pearl worked as a journalist and as Website producer. She brings a combination of creative thinking and knowledge of the Web to Frog Hollow. Her favorite fruits from the farm are the O’Henry peach and the Flavor King pluot.

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