Our Cal Red harvest is nearly over! Wednesday, 8/12 by 8 a.m. is your last opportunity to order these sweet, delicious peaches — the same variety that made us famous. Cal Reds are something special... a succulent, golden peach that brims with sugar and flavor. If you're an O'Henry peach fan, their season is over, but we do have dried O'Henry peaches available. Drenched in summer sun, dried O'Henry peaches are a chewy, sweet snack that mixes well with nuts and chocolate. Add them to your healthy lunch box today! Our other dried selections — apricots, nectarines, mixed fruit and plums — also make excellent cooking and snacking staples. All of our dried fruit is sulfur-free.

And, if you thought you'd seen the end of plums, think again. Emerald Beaut plums, a glowing and gorgeous green variety, is available for pre-order now. Firm and crunchy, Emerald Beaut is a hardy fruit that just gets sweeter and sweeter. With its green skin that turns golden, Emerald Beaut is a favorite among plum and pluot lovers who relish a crunchy bite. Don't miss this rare treat

Getting ready to send someone off to college, or looking for a way to show you care? Try our Seasonal Care Package Club, a program of four shipments delivered to your recipient in Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Brimming with fresh fruit and treats from our farm kitchen, our care packages make a thoughtful and delicious statement. Delight someone you know today with fruit and snacks from Frog Hollow Farm.    

Bee on apricot blossom at Frog Hollow Farm

Blossoms Are Here! And So Are The Bees...

The surreal sunny days of January just felt so strange and unnatural. It was the first-ever rain less January in San Francisco history. It made us all feel uneasy and “off-balance.”

Though Spring is still officially a little over two weeks away, you wouldn’t know it in the orchard. The trees are putting on their annual show of breathtaking beauty; the air and earth smell of freshness and the grass is a vibrant green. It is hard to capture in words the sense of wonder and joy that walking through thousands of blooming trees brings.

Farmer Al pruning apricot blossom
Now, we get to our normal worries, such as “Will we get any late-season rain? If yes, then how will that affect our apricots?” They are just now beginning to bloom. This is the most vulnerable stage of growth for apricots. At this time of year, I go out to the trees each day to check on them and you'll be happy to know that so far it looks great. So get going on your organic fruit club shopping, if you haven't already. If you've been on the fence about joining our fruit clubs, then here are five reasons that may help you decide.

As we look forward to spring and the promise of sweet, juicy apricots that it holds, I'm indulging myself in some winter-time favorites. The Blood Orange-Strawberry and 'True' Seville Orange marmalade are definitely among them! Spread a generous dollop of marmalade over warm cream scones, fresh from the oven, and liven up even the most dull and dreary winter morning. Enjoy!

Organically yours,

Tourists visiting San Francisco from different parts of the United States (and world) know to make a pit stop at the famous Ferry Building Marketplace on Embarcadero to get a taste (literally) of the city’s vibrant food culture. And in between sipping on gourmet coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee and sampling cheese at Cowgirl Creamery, they experience (for some, the first time in their lives) the true taste of legendary, tree-ripened fruits in Shop # 46 that is home to Frog Hollow Farm to Table Café.

The fruit is grown in our thriving 143-acre farm in the primarily agrarian town of Brentwood that’s about an hour’s drive east of San Francisco. Tourists visiting the Café from all over the United States will often take home some fruit to share their mind-blowing fruit-eating experience with friends and family members. 

Once you have tasted fruit that’s grown the way nature meant for it to be grown – carefully ripened on trees and picked when it’s just ready to eat – it’s not easy to resist the temptation to compare it with all other fruits. To make great-tasting fruit more accessible, at Frog Hollow Farm, we ship our tree-ripened stone fruit including certified organic apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots to customers across the United States.

This fruit may be ordered in individual boxes (when in-season) or you may sign up for our organic fruit clubs that will make sure you don’t miss out on any of the amazing varieties of fruit we grow in the orchard during Spring & Summer. So why sign up for an organic fruit club? Here are our top five reasons:

  1. Never Run Out of a Healthy Snack

When you sign up for a fruit club, you will always have the convenience of grabbing a piece of great-tasting fruit to snack on versus reaching out for other, less-healthy packaged alternatives. Select a fruit club that works best for you and be sure to have a healthy snack option available at all times.

  1. Investment in Good Health

Organic fruits clubs are an investment in your own health; much like the investments you make when you join a gymnasium and hire the best personal trainer to support your fitness objectives and long-term health goals.

  1. Delivered to Your Doorstep

Organic fruit delivery clubs are especially convenient because they support your active lifestyle and busy work schedule. At Frog Hollow Farm, we take the worry out of fruit shopping at a grocery store because we hand-pick all our fruit and after careful inspection and send you only the best pieces of fruit coming in from the orchard.

  1. Better Tasting Fruit Than Your Local Grocery Store

When it comes to taste, there’s no comparing the fruit that you may find at your local grocery store with fruit that is grown sustainably. We know that great tasting fruit can only come from soil that has been well-fed and cared for! With that objective in mind, we nourish our soil with compost that’s made on-site at the farm under the careful supervision of our in-house soil scientist. Each piece of fruit is hand-selected by a member of our expert picking crew that is trained to identify fruit at its optimal ripeness. After picking, each piece is re-examined by our packing team and only fruit that is ripe enough to have great flavor and withstand shipping is sent to our mail order customers.

  1. Support A Farm

When you sign up for an organic fruit delivery club from a farm, you invest in an organic farmer and support the values of sustainability. You know where your food comes from and how it is grown.

Browse our Organic Fruit Delivery Clubs

Sign up for an Organic Fruit Club 

Author: Pearl Driver

Pearl is the Marketing Director at Frog Hollow Farm. She is an e-commerce sales and marketing expert. Before joining Frog Hollow Farm, Pearl worked as a journalist and as Website producer. She brings a combination of creative thinking and knowledge of the Web to Frog Hollow. Her favorite fruits from the farm are the O’Henry peach and the Flavor King pluot.

Developing a new product for Frog Hollow is often an adventure and definitely a team effort. I never know when inspiration will hit and where it will take me. A typical day might start like this:

Wearing his trademark overalls, Farmer Al walks into the office to talk with our Marketing director, Pearl, about mail order sales and new marketing initiatives. As he is leaving the office, he sees me and his thoughts shift to new products.

“Anna, what can we do with nettle? We have a lot of it!”

"Well," I say as I run through options in my mind, "we could make it in to a pesto, put it in a soup... I’ve made it in to a tea before, but it has kind of an earthy flavor, and I am not sure if it would sell that well. It’s really good for you, because it's high in antioxidants, iron, and can even help with arthritis if you use it topically. Can you sell it fresh at a farmers' market? I’ve definitely seen people do that before."

“Sounds great. Make something good. Can't wait to taste it!"

Farmer Al leaves the office and I immediately get distracted from whatever I was working on and start thinking of nettle. Okay, we have a lot of nettle. We also have arugula, kale, and parsley in the garden. A pesto will be the best way to use all of these greens, and will probably be popular, too.

The next step is to make a plan with our vegetable gardeners Kristin and Marlene for the best way to harvest this wonderful weed growing abundantly in their garden. “Hey ladies, Al wants me to make a product with the nettle. Can you harvest it for me? Please make sure to only harvest the young tender plants or cut near the tips – I don't want the stalk or roots."

“Why don’t you use the entire stem," asks Marlene. "It's so much easier for us.”
“It’s just a little woody and fibrous. Plus, there is a ton of dirt that sticks to the bottom of the stem, and it’s hard clean. If you don't get every bit of dirt then the pesto gets a little gritty. I know our soil is super nutritious, but I don’t really want to serve it to our customers."

Now that I have conversed with the farmers, it’s time to clue the kitchen staff in on our new project. I walk into the kitchen with a giant bucket of stinging nettle and the ladies look at me as if I were mad. Why is she cleaning weeds in the sink? Curiosity draws them closer. A couple of the ladies examine the nettles a little too close.

“Esta pica!” ("It has spikes" in Spanish)

"This is stinging nettle. It’s really good for you, and we are going to make it into a pesto. It’s a little painful to work with at first, but you get used to it after the first time, and it’s great for arthritis. You will learn to love it."
They look at me like I am loco, but we carry on. Despite Marlene and Kristin's best effort, there is still a lot of dirt to get off the nettles and it's no walk in the park handling the plant. Once they are clean, we blanch the nettles and portion them into little bags to store in the freezer. When we are ready to make a batch of pesto, we just take out a bag and blend it with parsley, garlic, arugula and extra virgin olive oil. It turns a beautiful green and has a bright herbaceous flavor.
This stinging weed which was growing in surplus on the farm is now part of some of our best selling and popular products. We are using the pesto to garnish our café menu items such as soup and pizza.

I leave the kitchen and run into Kristin.

“How did it go?” asks Kristin.

“Good, but I am sore from cooking and moving around all day.”

“Do you want me to whack some nettle on your shoulders?" Kristin smiles. "I did it the other night. At first it tingled and was a little painful, but my muscles were relaxed for the rest of the night. It’s pretty awesome, actually.”


-Anna Buss, Culinary Coordinator, Frog Hollow Farm

Become a Part of our Organic & Fresh Referral Club

Get a $10 Credit for Both You & Your Friend when you refer them to a Frog Hollow Farm Fruit Club. 

There's always something new going on at Frog Hollow Farm.
This week, we're launching our "Organic & Fresh Referral Club."


What is the Organic & Fresh Referral Club (OFRC)?
Frog Hollow Farm's 'Organic & Fresh Referral Club' is a unique way for our small, family-owned organic farm to express our gratitude to our existing customers for referring their friends and family members. Starting January 13, 2015, when a customer places their first order * for any of our organic fruit clubs upon referral from an existing Frog Hollow Farm customer, then both the referrer and the referee will receive a $10 credit that may be redeemed on our website,, only.
How Does OFRC Work?
We know you love ordering from Frog Hollow Farm. So why not recommend a Frog Hollow Farm fruit club to your friends, relatives, colleagues, employees (or just about any one who shares your love for great-tasting, certified organic fresh fruits)? When they sign up for a fruit club membership from Frog Hollow Farm, both you and your referee will receive a $10 credit with Frog Hollow Farm. The value of the credit is valid for 1-year from the date the new subscription is paid for! To make sure you never miss a credit for a referral, please be sure to have your friends enter your name in the "Special Instructions" section at checkout as shown below:


  1. This promotion applies to qualified orders placed on or after Jan. 13, 2015 only.
  2. To qualify, an order should include the name of the referrer as shown in the box above.
  3. To qualify, an order has to be placed for a multiple shipment fruit club. To see qualifying products, visit:
  4. Membership to Frog Hollow Farm's OFRC is valid on orders for new fruit club referrals only and may not be applied to any orders placed before the inception of our referral program.
  5. All claims of referral for fruit club orders placed before Jan. 13, 2015 will not honored. 
  6. To claim your referral, or for any questions re: OFRC, please call 888.779.4511 (ext. 1).

We've started off our 2015 on a very bright, fragrant note. Here's introducing a fresh batch of our organic Meyer lemon marmalade made from this year's harvest of classic, mildly flavored Meyer lemons. Not your traditional bitter marmalade, our version has bits of fresh lemon rind throughout the bright and tangy spread. Enjoy it on toast or pair it with Chef Becky's cream scones (as seen in the picture). 

To order, click here

Peaches Are The Best Holiday Gifts

Order Now • We'll Ship in Summer 

Peaches are the crowning glory of Frog Hollow Farm's legendary, tree-ripened selection of stone fruits. 

Now, you can gift them as a pre-order to your friends and family members.

We'll send them a special peach-themed gift card (see example below) from you to notify them about your generous gift that will be delivered to their doorstep in summer.

Be sure to enter their shipping address and e-mail in the recipient's information at checkout so we can send them an e-mail notification now and their peaches, later in summer. 
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