Cookie Trio

How do you like your cookies? A little sweet? A little savory? 100% gluten-free? Or all three?!! This cookie trio offers you a perfect sampling of some of the best cookies we make in our farm kitchen. Our pluot chocolate chip cookies have long been a customer favorite! You will experience the delicious flavor of sun-dried pluots from our farm in every bite. The Bacci Di Damas are relatively new to our farm shop but it is soon catching up with the old favorite. Customers who have tasted the Baccis love the bittersweet chocolate nestled between two almond cookies. It's not overly sweet and pairs well with coffee and tea. The latest in our line-up is our Apricot Amaretti cookie. It's crisp on the outside with a chewy center that's generously sprinkled with sun-dried apricots so you get more fruity goodness in every bite. These are also 100% gluten-free!

Our cookie trio is a great tea-time or morning snack. It also makes for a great gift and arrives ready-to-eat. 

Cookie Trio is available in 2 sizes:

- One 4oz bag each of Pluot Chocolate Chip, Bacci Di Damas and Apricot Amaretti cookies
- 1lb gold-stamped tin of cookies (re-usable tin)

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  • Cookie Trio
  • Cookie Trio
  • Cookie Trio