Organic Taylor's Gold Pears

The Taylor's Gold pear can grow the largest of the pear varieties we tend and like the Warren is smooth fleshed and equally well suited to eating fresh and baking. Taylor's Gold pears are harvested in early September and often available until December. 

This variety was discovered in 1986 by Michael King-Turner in his Riwaka orchard near Nelson, New Zealand. It's believed to be a natural mutation of a Comice, but with its cinnamon-flecked skin and wide flare it may be a cross between a Bosc and a Comice. The Taylor's Gold is sweet, juicy, tender, and its speckled gold flush makes it as beautiful as it is delicious.

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  • Organic Taylor's Gold Pears
  • Organic Taylor's Gold Pears
  • Organic Taylor's Gold Pears