Hey everyone,

    Today has been a very exciting day for everyone here at Frog Hollow Farm. Our field crew started today at 6:30 A.M. and headed straight for our acres of Apache apricots to start harvesting. Not long after, the first apricots started rolling in and our packing crew has been busy ever since. 

The apricots will keep rolling in and the boxes keep piling up, so prepare yourself for another summer of delicious and organic legendary fruit!


This marks the beginning of the 2013 summer harvest which means rest of our organic fruits and apricot varieties are soon to follow. Next week we will start to harvest the first of our cherries, starting with our Brooks variety, and will begin to ship nationwide by Wednesday, May 8th.


Both items are available online for pre-order. We will begin shipping the Apaches on Monday and Cherries later in the week.


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